• Backpack


    SRP: AUD $129 NZD $129 Style #: TA3TVBP-0

    Dimensions: 48cm H x 37cm W x 23cm D

    TSA-friendly laptop pocket.

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  • Valuables Pouch

    Valuables Pouch

    SRP: AUD $27.50 NZD $29 Style #: TA3ACVP-0

    Keep your valuables protected inside your golf bag or locker.

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  • Messenger Bag

    Messenger Bag

    SRP: AUD $129 NZD $129 Style #: TA3TVMSG-0

    Dimensions: 33cm H x 44cm W x 10cm D

    Open top divided with two compartments, large flap pocket with quick release buckles, and multiple internal and external accessory pockets.

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  • Duffel Bag

    Duffel Bag

    SRP: AUD $149 NZ $169 Style #: TA3TVDFL-0

    Dimensions: 27cm Hx 60cm W x 28cm D

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  • Wheeled Roller

    Wheeled Roller

    SRP: AUD $239 NZD $259 Style #: TA3TVWRLR

    Dimensions: 56cmHx 38cmW x 28cmD

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  • Club Glove Travel Cover

    Club Glove Travel Cover

    SRP: AUD $499 NZD $599 Style #: TA9TV07

    Dimensions: 119cmH x 43 cmW x 30cmL

    Chosen by the worlds best players for golf club travel protection.

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  • Small Wheeled Travel Cover

    Small Wheeled Travel Cover

    SRP: AUD $329 NZD $389 Style #: TA3TVTC-0

    Dimensions: 137cm H x 39cm W x 38cm D

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  • Premier Umbrella

    Premier Umbrella

    SRP: AUD $149 NZD $189 Style #: TA4ACPUB-01

    The Radial Tensioning System (RTS) creates a strong, aerodynamic umbrella with no sharp points. The RTS redirects, transfers and distributes the effort used in opening the umbrella throughout the entire canopy surface. In the unlikely event that your Titleist Premier Umbrella blows inside out, it has been designed so it can be flipped back easily without breaking. The canopy size is 57".

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  • Club Head Covers

    Club Head Covers

    SRP: Driver - AUD $50 NZD $54.95 / Fairway - $AUD $45 NZD $49.95 Style #: Driver - TA3ACHCD, Fairway - TA3ACHCF See More
  • Den Caddy

    Den Caddy

    SRP: AUD $149 NZD $159 Style #: TA3ACDC

    Perfect for your office or in a golf shop.

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  • Shag Bag

    Shag Bag

    SRP: AUD $109 NZD $119 Style #: TA3ACSB

    Black with white and red accents.

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  • Staff Towel

    Staff Towel

    SRP: AUD $49 NZD $65 Style #: TA9AC01

    Durable and absorbent cottons and microfibers are designed into all high-performance Titleist towels. Towel dimensions are 50cm x 100cm

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  • Winter Hat

    Winter Hat

    SRP: AUD $29.95 NZD $32.95 Style #: TH1WEAWH-0

    Fleece Winter Hat for those cold days that you just have to play.

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