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What kind of a warranty do Titleist products carry?

Limited One-Year Warranty Titleist warrants its products for a period of one year from the date of purchase against defects in materials or workmanship. Should any product fail to perform for either of the above reasons, Titleist will repair it or, at our option, replace it with an equivalent product at no charge. If the date of purchase is unavailable, this warranty shall begin on the product manufacture date. Titleist reserves the right to inspect all warranty claims to determine the extent of warranty application. Titleist does not sell or return component parts. All products returned for warranty claims become the property of Titleist. Unauthorized returns will not be accepted. This warranty provides specific legal rights. Other rights may exist, which may vary from state to state. Titleist may amend this warranty policy at any time. Customer Claims Procedure To obtain warranty benefits, the defective product and a statement of the claimed defect must be provided to the authorized Titleist dealer from whom the goods were originally purchased. Limited Liability Titleist will not be liable for any failure or delay in performance due in whole or in part to any cause beyond Titleist's reasonable control including, but not limited to, strikes, riots, wars, fire, acts of God, or acts of compliance with any law or government regulation. In no event shall Titleist be liable to Buyer for (i) any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages, or (ii) any damages resulting from loss of use or profit.

How do I register my new Titleist products?

You may register your Titleist products on our website - you will need to register as a member by signing in at: After you have completed the registration process, click on EDIT PROFILE on the bottom left hand navigation of the home page. Once there you can register your Titleist products. Or, you can mail in the registration card that came with your purchase. There is no need to do both.

How do you rank the various Titleist balls from highest to lowest according to spin rate?

Spin rate is difficult to specify, because it varies so much from golfer to golfer and club to club. On approach shots especially, the rankings can change depending on who's hitting the ball and what type of club they're using. With the driver, rankings are a little easier than irons. Also, driver spin isn't as important as it was in the past, since all Titleist balls today are pretty low in driver spin. Even our highest spinning ball would have been considered low spin just a few years ago. Here is how the Titleist golf balls would rank for driver spin. Highest: Pro V1 and NXT Tour Medium: Pro V1x Lowest: NXT and DT SoLo At a 130 mph ball speed, super low spin (like the NXT and DT SoLo) is not necessarily an advantage unless you have a tendency for a bad hook or slice. If you don't have that problem, then you might get just as much distance (or even gain a few yards) with a higher spinning ball. Plus, with the higher spinning balls you get better stopping power and greenside control. The best advice is to experiment a little to see which ball works best for your personal game.

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