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Golf is all about confidence, in your game and your equipment. That's why Titleist designs the highest performing equipment and offers the most precise club fitting experience in the game. Titleist's approach to fitting begins with a unique understanding of players' performance needs born from working with PGA Tour players, PGA Professionals and amateurs serious about getting better. Our highly skilled team of fitters utilises the most advanced tools to help players optimise driver performance, make iron play more precise, dial in their wedges and fine-tune set compositions.

The best way to truly appreciate the high performance value of Titleist golf clubs, achieve total confidence on every shot and shoot lower scores, is to experience Titleist club fitting for yourself. Learn more about the Titleist Fitting Network below.

The Titleist Fitting Network

Titleist is focused on helping serious golfers play better. Being expertly fit for your golf equipment will help improve your game. The Titleist Fitting Network offers a range of fitting experiences, each delivering expert advice and equipment recommendations. Scroll through to learn more about the Titleist Fitting Network in Australia and New Zealand or click on the button below to find an authorised Titleist fitting location near you.

Titleist Fitting Centre

The Titleist Australia Fitting Centre, located at the Spring Valley Golf Club in the Melbourne suburb of Heatherton employs an experienced, highly skilled fitter and PGA of Australia Member, who we rely on to fit players of all skill levels, from Titleist staff players, playing professionals, and other highly competitive amateurs through to new golfers starting out in the game. The Australian Fitting Centre offers golfers the most comprehensive selection of Titleist fitting product available and features our largest assortment of club options. Fittings are conducted using Titleist Pro V1 or Pro V1x golf balls and Trackman flight monitors to provide a premium fitting experience. Bookings can be made via your local Titleist stockist or by calling Acushnet Australia’s Melbourne office on 03 9540 5000.

Titleist Fitting Partners

Our most accessible fitting option, Titleist Fitting Partners, feature fitters trained by Titleist who utilise our latest equipment.

Titleist Fitting Days

To help augment the efforts of local Titleist Fitting Partners as well as to meet the demand from serious golfers for expert fitting advice, Titleist conducts thousands of fitting days each year at golf shops across the country. Fitting representatives trained by Titleist work individually with golfers during these events to present the Titleist golf club line and help determine the best models and specifications for performance improvement.


Shafts, Grips, Specs, and More

Surefit Tour Hosel Technology

Each Titleist 915 metal features the patented SureFit Tour hosel.
This innovative, dual-angle hosel technology allows loft and lie to be independently adjusted to optimise ball flight and to achieve a more precise fit.

Player Benefits

  • Precise, independent loft and lie adjustments
  • Fine tune launch and spin for more accuracy and control
  • Increased distance and improved shot control
  • Optimised ball flight - higher or lower, and for more draw or fade

Advanced Technology

  • Features a sleeve and ring, each with four settings
  • Sleeve settings are numbered 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Ring settings are lettered A, B, C, D
  • Sixteen unique loft and lie combinations
  • Four different lie angles for each loft position
  • Four different loft settings for each head
  • Precision manufactured for tighter specification tolerance


SureFit Tour Irons feature heads that may be adjusted to lie angles ranging from 2° flat to 4° up, giving golfers and fitters more options and a more precise fitting.


Titleist SureFit Bag Systems make fittings easier, faster and more precise than ever. With multiple interchangeable heads and shafts (options may vary by location), the SureFit systems offer numerous Titleist club combinations to optimise performance for serious golfers.