A Closer Look at Bill Haas' Historic Vokey Wedge Shot

Posted: 26 September 2011

The second Titleist Brand Ambassador Bill Haas saw he could get a club on the ball, he was already pulling one of his Titleist Vokey Design Spin Milled wedges from the bag.

His Pro V1x sat on edge of the water, two-thirds above the mucky surface and five feet below the elevated green.

Both the Tour Championship and FedEx Cup Playoffs titles were on the line.

 Faced with perhaps the most difficult up-and-down of the 2011 PGA Tour season, there was only one thing on Bill's mind: "Play it like a bunker shot."

"If there's a little bit of water, if you don't mind getting your feet dirty, then (just) blast it out of there," Bill said.

Without hesitation, Haas propelled the wedge into the water behind his Pro V1x and watched the golf ball pop into the air, land 3 feet past the hole, and spin to a stop.

Bill's wedge of choice to pull of this heroic shot: His Vokey Design Spin Milled 60º•E (E-grind), bent to 59º with 7º of bounce.

The 60º•E features the same grind and profile as the Vokey Design Spin Milled 60•07º wedge currently available through Titleist authorized retailers. The E-Grind features a medium sole with full bounce surface and straight relief along the trailing edge. Slight heel camber allows the blade to be easily opened for shot-making versatility.

"The full sole of the Vokey 60º•E helped Bill pull off the shot," Master Craftsman Bob Vokey explained. "He was able to open up the face and still have enough bounce to play it like a bunker shot. The grooves of the wedge along with a descending blow allowed him to spin the ball, even out of the shallow water.

"It was an amazing shot, one of the best I've seen in all my years of watching Tour players." 

Check out Bill's historic shot in the video below.

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The Golf Father

It was incredible !!!! Then again so is his Volkeys

Carlo Angelo

These guys are good...

Loren B

Absolutely the greatest shot I've ever seen - especially under that kind of pressure!

Doug M

One of the most clutch shots I have ever seen, especially considering what was on the line.

Great shot, great player, great club, great ball.  Way to go Bill!!!

Doug Mason

mike g

The pressure he was under had to be tremendous.  His determination and skill were hansomely rewarded over 11 million times.

marty k

That kid was 'great' The shot was 'great', my next set of wedges will be 'Vokey's'.

daniel w

this awesome shot made under the  pressure of the 11million plus dollars on the line was great fun to watch .... very happy for a really good son of  another reaaly good guy on the tour. i've been around long enough to have watched your uncle Bob Goalby play and i'm sure he also had a big smile on his face.

you've now proved that you can handle the pressue of winning so go out and get some majors and minors ..... good luck Bill Haas

Scott B

Love to see proud papa smiling!!   Congrats!

J.K. B

What a great shot. Great equipment!

Larry K

Putting,putting,putting and a great H2O shot!!