Win a Dozen Titleist Golf Balls Everyday

Titleist NXT Tour! For The Distance and control i need to improve. Really need the driving distance and trying balls to see which is the best fit! Pick ME!!

Titleist NXT Tour


A great blend of distance and feel for players of all calibre. I like this ball as it will give me great driving distance without having to play distance rocks while retaining responsiveness around the green.


Ball of Choice: Velocity!!!

I would be delighted to try out the new fast ball. Hopefully my driving distance will be improved with better feel for short game. Excited!

If given a dozen balls to try, I would shoot straight for the NXT Tour. Had a chance to try a sleeve of NXT and it felt great both off the tee and putting. I can only imagine how this new ball will feel and play. Make the imagination a reality ;) Cheers Fred
NXT Tour pls! I need consistent ball flight! I need outstanding distance! I need a championship material ball to allow me the chance to be a champion! there is no other way....
HI Team Titleist, I am keen to try out the NXT Tour S. I've been using NXT Tour all these while. They really helped me to improve my game. I am a firm believer in advancement of technology. I am sure the new generation of NXT Tour S will help to bring my game to a higher level with the advancement in your golf ball technology. Looking forward to try it out. Regards. Kendrick

I have always been using the DT Solo.   Great feel, great compression, everything is just great.   I'm curious how the NXT Tour will feel like since it is not as soft as the DT Solo.   Hope to get the chance to try it.

Many thanx in advance.

NXT Tour! Would love to try out how these bad boys perform over my 2010 NXTs, should be good for another 10m extra.

The Titleist Velocity please. Just so I can hit it further!

I would love to try the NXT Tour S in Yellow, it's color is appealing and will be easy to spot!!

No more lost balls in the rough!!!


I'd like a box of the awesome Titleist NXT Tour S balls. I've played the NXT Tours (older model) and I loved them for their feel and control. I've liked balls which are softer and give me more control, so I'm very keen to try out the Tour S balls.

Well done, Titleist, for leading the pack (again) in bringing out top-quality golf balls!

I love the NXT Tour S in Yellow!

Have tried the NXTs previously and they perform quite nicely for me, good distance and control round the greens.

I believe the the NXT Tour S would be better, than the NXTs now that it's in Yellow, will not be losing any balls to the rough monster!!

I'd pick the yellow NXT Tour S

This would be my first try at Titleist balls(if I am fortunate enough to win) and a good mix of softness, distance, control and performance is what I'm looking for and of course the distinct yellow among the usual whites.

Cheers :)


I have changed to using Pro V1s of late and they do add that extra distance compared to the Bridgestone e6+. Would love to try other Titleist balls, especially the bright yellow ones. Can I please have a dozen, or more to try them out? Thank you. Love the feel!

Velocity is speed in a given direction. Speed without direction is OB.

I WANT A BOX OF VELOCITY BALLS. I need the distance in the right direction.