Win a Dozen Titleist Golf Balls Everyday

I like to have the NXT Tour-S in yellow color please. I am working on my short games now .. the very soft feeling is what I am going for. Yellow color is the thread too 

Titleist DT SoLo please.


Wondering what could it turn out for "softest DT yet". Always confidence on soft-kind of balls with my swing.


Rgds, RL.



Titleist, the #1 ball in golf. Period.

Preferred ball : NXT Tour

Yellow DT SoLo is my wish.

Let's see what you have against the Top-Flite Pinnacles.

One dozen of DT Solo balls please. The softest golf ball that I ever use. Better feel, better compression, better distance, better in accuracy. 

Tom, I tried the NXT Tour balls (not the latest version) today and I like what I see and feel. I outdrove my playing partner (dont usually do that) and my long irons shots are much straighter. Still need to get the feel of it on the short games (pitching and chips). I would love to try the new NXT Tour S. The high optic yellow balls would be nice for a change. Regards, KK

Hi there, just read a magazine which says the new Titleist Velocity golf ball provides explosive distance. Hmmm.....just wonder, if I use this ball with Titleist 910D2 driver, I would then have a great chance of winning the longest drive competition!!! Watch out Bubba! I want to try the Velocity.

my favourite golf ball is Pro V1X , and i am curious about this NXT Tour S everybody is crazy about.

so , i would like to try NXT Tour S yellow ball.



I never try New Titleist NXT Tour S before. Would love to try it and feel the diferent it would bring to me& my game.
Hi Tom! I'd love some Nxt Tour S please... I was fitted by Titleist SEA during Spore open and was recommended a lower spin ball to help my long game. I have played ProV1x and Penta since. Nxt Tour S seem to hit the sweetspot for my swing (and my wallet), acceptable spin for greenside shots, lower spin off the tee and soft to putt as a bonus. Help me get rid of those Pentas off my bag! Cheers, Pushslice/GR

New Titleist NXT Tour S yellow balls for the optic yellow balls and soft spin.

NXT Tour for me!
I'm still pretty new to golf and I was told Titleist make THE best golf balls. I've yet to try any titleist balls but I took the titleist ball fitting test and it seems that the new velocity balls suit me best. I'd love to try them n possibly outdrive my more seasoned friends as well !
Velocity is what I need. To hit longer and land softer.thanks

Yellow Titleist balls!!!... Wow!!!

I have to try it... I'd love to try NXT Tour in Yellow as it is the closest to my favourite Pro V1x...