Win a Dozen Titleist Golf Balls Everyday

I used to use  NXT nice very ez hitting balls that goes on and on  , and yet soft

with the improvement u done to the balls :

NXT tour S will be my weapon of choice , time to put my buddies in their place .



oh yeah in yellow please !!!!!


cheers and keep on surprising us with your upgrades to the Titleist product line

Had been playing with Srixon AD333, alway hear of Titleist NXT tour ball. would like to try it.

NXT Tour S for me definitely!


Now I can add visibility on top of distance and accuracy to my tee offs!



Had a game the other day and realised I had absolutely no golf balls in my bag.  So borrowed a Titleist NXT (not sure which model) and proceeded to have one of my best ball striking rounds ever.  Just felt really comfortable with the ball and seemed to get less sidespin compared to my normal ball.

Would like to see if the new models feel just as nice.


Hi, Have been using PRO V1 and PRO V1X and they are very good but have also used Titleist NXT tour and compared to other makes, this gives me a very good feel and accuracy especially during putting which has reduced my strokes. Thanks and regards, Chia Wah Kam

NXT Tour....


Would like to see how NXT tour fair with TM Penta TP and  Pro V1x.

NXT Tour S yellow balls for me!!!


Now, I can add visibility to distance and accuracy in my tee offs!



I love the NXT Tour S cause it offers the best combination of distance and spin......and because john cleese told me so...

I love the NXT Tour S cause it offers the best combination of spin and distance........and because john cleese says so.......

DT Solo could be softer?? It would be awesome to try it and have a feel of it. DT Solo would be a wonderful weapon to trust! Regards, Cobin
I'd like: NXT Tour Because: my game could definitely use some improvement and it sounds like the NXT tour could be the one for me. Excellent short game while also giving longer drives? I'd like that! me PLS!! me me me! PICK ME!
Female beginner golfer here. Really struggling w the game and distance is my biggest problem. I really think the VELOCITY balls might help me so pls let me win a dozen (or more) so I might get more enjoyment from golf!

Would love to try the new NXT Tour S balls!

Definitely Titleist Velocity balls for me,.. Pass me these dozen balls and I will know for sure,.. why Titleist is the choice !!..

Titleist NXT Tour = Distance , Soft Feel and Control ... Meet all criteria that golfer need ....