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Win a Dozen Titleist Golf Balls Everyday

Tom H Team Titleist SEA Manager Team Titleist Staff Titleist Fitting Team

Dear Team Titleist Member,



We are proud to announce the launch of four new Titleist Golf Balls (NXT Tour, NXT Tour S, Velocity and DT SoLo). Hitting the shelves across South East Asia this week, we would like to give you the opportunity to win yourself a dozen of your favorite balls to try out. All you need to do is comment on this post and let us know which model you would like a dozen of and why (either NXT Tour, NXT Tour S, Velocity or DT SoLo) and 1 lucky winner will be randomly picked everyday from now until Sunday the 25th of March 2012.

For all information on the new product, please check out the following:

New Titleist NXT Tour:

New Titleist NXT Tour S:

New Titleist Velocity:

New Titleist DT SoLo:

If you have any other questions on any of these exciting new products, feel free to direct a question to us via this forum. Good Luck.

Tom Hutton
Team Titleist Manager

(This competition is only open to golfers in Singapore and Malaysia. The Pro V1 and Pro V1X models are not included in this competition). 

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  1. Benjamin Z

    Tour S Tour S on the wall,

    I want to try the new yellow ball

    soft and bright i'm just in awe

    i'll never have to shout FORE!



    I want to try the new yellow titleist NXT TOUR S balls! softer around the greens and spins less off the tee is exactly what I need!



  2. Denis Ng

    NXT Tour-S.

    High performance ball in yellow!


  3. JH

    Ball I wish to try: NEW Titleist NXT Tour

    Reason: I tried the NXT Tour golf ball last year for a few holes, even though I am a beginner, I like how the ball stays straighter especially on driver. I also liked the durability of the ball, compared to other balls beginners are told to use, NXT Tour is no rock. Of cos, more affordable! Will like to try how this edition improves over the past one, hope I will be impressed! Thank you very much. 



  4. kahM L

    Try: NXT Tour S (white)

    I want a softer feel NXT Tour. It is long off the tee but also spins good around the greens. Now it is even softer? personal preference la..  Best of both worlds.... but seriously it is economically priced and durable cover. I will like to find out if NXT Tour or NXT Tour S spins more around the greens, or the same. the old NXT Tour was good, and could last me quite some time, the cover.

  5. Farhan Y

    Titleist Nxt Tour S (yellow) ... an affordable ball that doesnt feel like a rock and actually spins!!! And now in yellow!!! Bye bye Srixon , Titleist is back in the bag!!!

  6. Patrick L

    A dozen of "Velocity" balls please.... Started using NXT Tours for all my golf games since last year with my 909D3 & AP2s, super combi! Though still lacking in distance but gained a lot in accuracy... would like to try "Velocity" balls to see if they complement my game with longer distance!



  7. Steven L

    I used to play the previous NXT Tour and NXT Extreme and found them the best golf balls there is.. I will be getting and trying out the new NXT Tour as well as the Velocity.

  8. Sean N

    Pick: NXT Tour


    Reason: Want the soft feel but not too much. For a beginner, maintaining or predicting the ball flight path is more important.

  9. Benjamin T

    I have been waiting forever for a Titleist ball to come in yellow!!! Gimme a box of it puhleeeez....
  10. Tom H Team Titleist SEA Manager

    Hi KahM L,


    Thanks for entering and good luck. I thought I would get back to you quickly re your question about greenside spin. Both the new Titleist NXT Tour and NXT Tour S have the same Fusablend cover, giving them both fantastic short game control and spin. The differences lie in the cores of the two golf balls. Based on this, golfers will see no difference when it comes to short game spin between the NXT Tour and NXT Tour S, and both will give you the best control you can get from a non Urethane covered golf ball.

    I hope this helps.

    Tom H
    Team Titleist SEA Manager

  11. Desmond A

    A thousand, I mean a dozen NXT Tour S pls.


    I would like to try this subjectively against other brands of similar calibre balls. Will also pit it against premium balls and see how it fares.

    Oh, can I also have it in yellow pls. Because I am dirty fellow. Hope your mind is not in the gutter. I just end up in bunkers and in the thick rough alot.


    Rgds, Desmond

  12. jimmychoo

    It has to be the NXT Tour S - YELLOW!!!


    1) It's New!!! (I want to try it)

    2) It's Softer!!! (I love soft ball)

    3) It's Yellow!!! (Tired of staring at white :P)

  13. Wilson A

    I would like to try the Tour S of couse!!!


    Yellow Balls i like!!!




  14. Titleist Fan 959

    NXT Tour S for sure.. NXT is a little hard for me. Yellow makes it easy to spot!
  15. Dennis L

    Titleist NXT Tour! For The Distance and control i need to improve. Really need the driving distance and trying balls to see which is the best fit! Pick ME!!

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