At Titleist, our goal is to help all golfers play better and shoot lower scores, and being fit for the right golf ball is an important part of that. Thank you for attending a Titleist Golf Ball Fitting and Selection Event. Please complete the short survey below as we value your insights from your Trial of Titleist Golf Balls.

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The golf ball is only piece of equipment you use on every shot and there are many game-changing performance and quality differences between various brands and models. We believe that a proper golf ball fitting takes place on the golf course, and the Titleist Tour-validated “Green-to-Tee” approach successfully fits players of all abilities, from the world’s best to high-handicap amateurs. Check out our Golf Ball Fitting Selector Tool below as well as some FAQ's from golfers realted to Titleist golf ball performnace.

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Step 1: Assessment and Selection
Titleist golf ball fitting begins with an assessment of your game, your performance objectives, and your personal preferences.  

Step 2: Green-to-Tee On Course Evaluation
The Titleist Green-to-Tee fitting process involves an evaluation of all shots on the golf course, with the greatest emphasis placed on shots around and into the green.

Step 3: Putting the New Ball in Play
Commit to playing the golf ball you've been fitted for exclusively. Using the same model golf ball on every shot of every round eliminates performance variation, builds confidence and consistency, and will ultimately lead to you shooting lower scores.

It’s a fact. Playing a properly fit golf ball will help you shoot lower scores. Try out this tool to start the fitting process. The next step is to conduct an on-course evaluation to see which golf ball ultimately performs the best for your game.

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Golf Ball Fitting FAQ's

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Download a copy of the Titleist Golf Ball Fitting and Education booklet and print out your own evaluation scorecard to compare the performance of golf balls on the course.

2019 Golf Ball Fitting Booklet 2019 On Course Evaluation Scorecard