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David A

  • Sayville, NY
  • February 20
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Pro V1



9.5*/Rogue Silver 60 /S/Golfpride NDMC


14.25*/Diamana 70/S/Golfpride NDMC


18.25*/MCA Tensei Pro Blue 70 HY/S/Golfpride NDMC

718 AP3

KBS $ Taper, Stiff/Golfpride NDMC

Vokey SM7


Scotty Cameron Other

Pro Platinum Mil-Spec

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    New TS2 TS3 drivers, initial thoughts?

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    Father’s Day

    My wife: “What Titleist related thing do you want THIS year?” Me: “New Titleist TS driver, obviously!” Wife: “What the hell is that?” Me: “You really need to pay better...