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Mark A

  • Bayswater, VIC
  • August 27
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Pro V1

Pro V1


10.5* Fujikura Speeder TS74 Stiff B1 setting Draw bias


15* Fujikura Speeder TS84 Stiff B1 Setting Draw bias


816H2 19* Fujikura Motore Speeder Stiff

716 CB

716 4-PW KBS Tour Stiff

Vokey SM6

50degree F Grind KBS 610 wedge flex

Vokey SM6

54degree M Grind KBS 610 wedge flex

Vokey SM6

58degree K gGring KBS 610 wedge flex

Scotty Cameron Select

2016 Newport 35"

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  1. 3 days ago

    Mark A started a discussion

    Limited Brushed Copper Finish

    Hi TT, there's been a fair bit of chatter lately about a limited finish, Brushed Copper, for SM6 wedges. I would be very keen to get my hands on some of these if they...