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Connor Affinito

  • Queensbury NY
  • May 11
  • @ConnorAffinito
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Connor Affinito's Bag

Pro V1

2017 Pro V1


9.5/Standard Length/S-Flex


18/Standard Length/S-Flex


21/Standard Length/ S-Flex

716 AP2

Titleist AP2 Standard Length Stiff Flex Standard Lie

Vokey SM5

56-12/Standard Length

Vokey SM5

60-12/Standard Length

Scotty Cameron Select

Select Newport 2 2016, Length: 35, Standard Lie

Connor Affinito's Activity

  1. Last month

    Connor Affinito started a discussion

    917 Driver

    Interested in getting a new driver for this year and i´ve been considering the 917 Driver. I have tried the club and I like it a lot but i´m not sure if anyone with more...

  2. Last month

    Connor Affinito started a discussion

    Ap2 and Ap3

    I can not wait for this snow to melt and to try some new 718 Ap2 and Ap3 clubs , they sure do look amazing and I’m hoping they feel amazing too.

  3. Last month

    Connor Affinito responded to a discussion

    Golf bags

  4. Last month

    Connor Affinito started a discussion

    Nantucket Hats

    Can’t wait to get one of those new Nantucket hats this year , they look great and I’m thinking of making it my hat of choice this year

  5. 3 months ago

    Connor Affinito started a discussion

    Team Titleist Lanyard

    Would the only chance for me being able to get a Team Titleist Lanyard be getting one in the mail by surprise or are their other ways to get one cause I seriously want one ?