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Team Titleist Lanyard

Connor Affinito

Would the only chance for me being able to get a Team Titleist Lanyard be getting one in the mail by surprise or are their other ways to get one cause I seriously want one ?

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  1. James B

    Don't think they sell them so the only chance I believe would be getting lucky one of these days :-)
  2. Tyler H

    Continue to provide positive contributions to Team Titleist would be a good start.

  3. Titleist Fan 179

    Complete your profile and actively participate in the forums and you will be noticed. Also meet some great people who believe in Titleist and the TT community.
  4. David A

    Got mine at a Titleist Thursday fitting. But you never know what might come in the mail...
  5. ScottyC50

    I'm curious..can you post a picture?
  6. Brian C

    Here's how I use mine. I get a lot of compliments on it.
    Post Image
  7. Kathy J

    I am hoping for one ine the mail for 2018!
  8. D. Coble T

    Connor I received one and have yet to find a purpose to use...unless I put my VIP 16th Hole Pass on it at this years Phoenix Open! I do love al the other TT items that are just are fantastic! I'm happy to mail it to you if you'd like! Text me at 720-933-1075
  9. Benjamin S

    If anyone has a TT lanyard which you'd like to let go of, please let me know. Looking for a new lanyard for my work ID badge. thanks all.
  10. D. Coble T

    Found a good use for mine finally...What a scene out in Phoenix this past weekend!
    Post Image

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