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Winter Golf Shoes


Any other brave souls play winter golf? After not having much success wearing wool socks and stuffing them into my current shoes; I was wondering if anyone has recommendations that are warm and waterproof? Thanks for your help!

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  1. Todd S

    Winter golf? Are you playing in the snow?
    I play throughout the winter as long as there is no snow on the ground. Except the occasional spot under a tree here and there.
    I wear an old pair of Footjoy's don't really have any issues.
  2. Dale V

    San Diego! Oh, but seriously, a couple of the non-FootJoy companies have been producing a high-top rain shoe in limited quantities for a couple of years now. I first saw them at Bandon Dunes. I personally just stick to traditional shoes with double socks and make sure my base layer leggings are between the two socks. Insulated pants or rainsuit is long enough to keep out the breeze and moisture.
  3. Dale V

    I'm happy to report, Foot Joy does now market a shoe that fills that gap. M070.html
  4. Chuck Z

    Dale V

    I'm happy to report, Foot Joy does now market a shoe that fills that gap. M070.html

    Why wear old shoes when FootJoy has something that can keep you warm and dry. I can vouch for those boots. I got a pair for Christmas in 2016 and love them. Nice and warm for those cold or wet days. We get a lot of water on the back nine at the public course where I play and I can lace them up, zip them up, no worries. Great for the rainy season and high tides. A great investment and I highly recommend them. Don't waste time, go online and order them or see you local pro. Cheers, Chuck.............
    Post Image
  5. Rooster

    Up here in the northeast golf shoes, spiked or spikeless are useless once the ground freezes. It is all about comfort and warmth. I wear a trail running shoe that is waterproof. This way it has a aggressive sole and retains heat and keeps you dry.
  6. Greg L

    I wear the same shoes, but when it gets below about 40, I use "toe warmer" inserts. They're the same as the disposable hand warmers but have sticky back to stay in place on your sock when you put your foot in your shoe . Not bulky and you can put on top of you toes, bottom, or both. There are also full size disposable "Foot Warmers" to go in your shoe. Again, not bulky and I don't feel them other than the warmth.
  7. ELawler

    Thanks for the feedback!
  8. Tom P

    I wear Foot Joy Dry Joy Tours year round in all conditions, walking or riding. Take care of them, clean them after every round, and store in cedar shoe trees and they will treat you right.
  9. Schultzie

    I have a great pair from under armor that is designed thin and warm for skiing. Has keep my feet warm and dry.
  10. Kathy J

    Thanks Dale, those shoes look quite handy for winter golf in Portland, Oregon.
  11. Kenneth C

    I have a pair of the Footjoy boots, and, they are waterproof and warm. And, I do play all year round. Yesterday was in the low 40's, and, ended in a heavy mist, and, the boots held up fine.
  12. N Anthony S

    The Footjoy boots are definitely the way to go. You have to love playing in the rain if you want to play golf in the winter/spring in Portland, Oregon like I do. These shoes are awesome for winter play.
  13. Sam K

    Mink oil and disposable stick on foot warmers work in much worse conditions than you are playing in. Might give these simple solutions a shot.

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