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What do I need for my next golf trip?

Abby L., Team Titleist Staff Team Titleist Staff

Hey Team Titleist, 

We're still tagging everything we want from the 2018 Titleist Gear Catalog as the spring season is slowly approaching for us in New England. Since it's still pretty cold up here, I think I'm going to need a trip to the south to play at a course my family belongs to in South Carolina.

With that in mind, I'm taking a closer look at the Travel Gear section of our website, which comes in three collections: Professional, Club Life and Club Sport. Each collection brings a different style from the airport to the course and I know I'm going to want to mix it up depending on my trip. I'm pretty much starting from scratch in the gear department, so I want to know, which piece should I add to my collection first? Vote in the poll below and leave any tips you have for travel in comments! 

All the best, 
Team Titleist Staff

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  1. Speedy

    You know what I would like? :) Packing my golf equipment for a trip coming up last night, I always take the heads off (driver, woods, hybrids) and pack them separately. It be cool if Titleist came out with a little bag that had special slots for each of them.. At the moment, I take them out and put them in their respective covers...

    Almost like a camera bag where you put all the lenses.. I see them at the Titleist Thursday's event, why not make one for us? I buy one! Something small and not too big and can fit in my carry on or even back pack....
  2. Don O

    The Club Glove will last for multiple sets of clubs. It wears like iron and once you get a rental car, the bag folds over nicely to let you put clubs and bag inside the trunk. I'm not keen to have that Titleist logo on display on a folded down seat as it is an advertisement to steal.

    I have the duffel because I can easily get it into any overhead and I can carry it. I'd like to know the full dimensions of any luggage like the wheeled duffel so I can know if I have to (gate) check it on regional flights.
  3. Tim Tiger

    The club glove to cover your sticks is most important. Plus you can store lots of other items in it.

  4. Dale V

    I just got the 22" wheeled duffel for my trip to Bandon next week. I already had a Titleist backpack and my Club Glove golf bag cover is still in good shape. The duffel should be just about right for the 4 day trip.
  5. Sam K

    I imagine the Club Glove will be much needed protection. The Club Sport Boston Bag looks very nice (nice big Titleist logo to rep your company). haha. I would suggest to travel as light as possible. In my experience going all over the world in planes, trains, ships, Light Armored Reconnaissance Vehicles, thousands of miles in Danner combat boots, I have found nothing better than the convenience of traveling light and minimal.

    I hope you have a wonderful trip to SC for some much needed good weather golf! 70 and sunny here today...

    I already have a Club Glove travel bag so I would go for the 22" Wheeled Duffle. Roomy enough to fit several days of clothes and still fit in an overhead bin. However, if you're starting from scratch, the Club Glove Travel bag is a must to protect your investment in clubs.
  7. Speedy

    And to answer your question (sorry about that) the Club Glove.... 100%
  8. Eric S

    Club Glove Travel bag is the most important. Also get the rod that goes inside the bag. Never have to worry about driver or 3 wood getting damaged.
  9. Steve S

    22 inch duffle bag. Easy in and out of the airport. Have a great trip!
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  10. Jerry M

    I think the Club Glove is the way to go.
    I read a blog one time which the golfer said he removes the driver and any other club from the shaft. He felt it minimized the possibility of having the club snapped off during transit.
  11. Todd T

    Club Glove.. And add a hot color painted on it to make it easier to find at baggage claim!
  12. Kathy J

    I have the Club Glove Travel Cover and the duffel bag already. So I would say the backpack is next on the travel list.
  13. Dwayne N

    CLub glove is in decent shape but I could use a new duffel
  14. Andrew K

    If you are new to travel the Club Glove would be the best way to start. I also don't know a woman that could fit a weekend of clothes in a 22" duffel.
  15. etakmit

    Backpack for me. I just have so many odds and ends and when travelling they all go in the backpack.
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