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Pretty Cool!


These were made for our golf team by my wife. She owns a local boutique, and is one of the many supporters of our team. Pretty cool and innovative idea, using the 2017 NXT Tours that our team played this year. Everyone loved them. Trying to keep my mind on golf when the temp was 53 at breakfast, and now it is 20 with a winter storm bearing down 6 hours later. Stay warm!

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  1. Joshua B

    Very cool, good wife you got there!
  2. Brandon C

    Looks sweet! When is she going to set up an Etsy site for those of us who want to display a special golf ball like that??
  3. vurich

    Beautiful, Scotty's wife! And very creative. Send a sleeve out to me. It's been in the 70's all last week!
  4. Rooster

    That is certainly unique and creative.
  5. Dwayne N

    Very nice your wife is very crafty
  6. John P

    Looks nice! Your wife is very creative.
  7. Darryl M

    Very nice, and very creative of your wife as well. It'll get warmer soon I hope..

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