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Test balls - triangle and square


I received these weeks ago for testing but never got the link for reviewing them. The ball with the triangle marking was superb but I dont know what it is .

Is this ball coming or at retail now??


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  1. Roger W

    I received my test balls in December and it’s cold in Alabama so I only got to play twice before they wanted comments. The Square ball is a Velosity. I know because I cut it open. The Triangle I’m pretty sure is a Tour Soft. It’s longer than the Square and was Soft around the greens. I really liked it.
  2. Dave E

    I received test balls shortly before the season in Michigan ended. A sleeve of three yellow balls marked ‘Test’. I was able to test the balls against PRoV1 and NXT Tours. I’ve not received a link to submit my feedback either. Do you think it’s just late in coming or an oversight?

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