AP3 as driving iron?

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By MLundoe

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  1. Hi everyone. Do any of you play an AP3 3-iron as a driving iron? If so, what shaft do you have in it, and what has been your experience? Thanks in advance, /Morten

  2. Sorry you don't seem to have had much response to your query.
    I have AP2's PW to 8 iron and AP3's 7 iron to 5 iron. I am really impressed with the feel and consistent performance of all of these irons. I can understand why you would wonder about the AP3 3 iron - I've wondered myself about possibilities. When I was fitted, I already had 716 TM-B 3 & 4 irons, both have regular steel shafts. These fitted my "gaps" pretty well so I decided not to replace them. The 4 iron in particular works well off the tee and I find I'm loathe to ditch it for another 4 iron that is an unknown quantity.
    Your best course of action is to test as many of the potential options as you can get your hands on and then decide.
    Sorry that this doesn't directly answer your question but at least you know you are not shouting in the wind.
    Good Luck in your quest.

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