Product Testing & Validation

Earning the Titleist script.

Pioneering performance testing

Pioneering performance testing

Before any product is stamped with the Titleist script and put into play, it must prove itself to be the best. 

This has been the case since the first Titleist ball was introduced in 1935. That same year, our team also developed the first mechanical golfer to provide true tests of new product designs. 

This machine pioneered a tradition of testing that is at the core of the Titleist brand.

The path to product excellence

The path to product excellence

A new Titleist golf ball is only introduced when it satisfies real performance needs. The product testing and validation process guarantees a product worthy of the Titleist name. 

The extensive machine and player tests that comprise the final steps of product development phase ensure the new product meets exacting performance specifications and quality standards.

"Before any product is stamped with the Titleist script and put into play, it must prove itself to be the best."

Mechanical golfer

In 1935, Titleist developed the first mechanical golfer to provide true tests of new product designs and was the first to use a stroboscopic camera to measure golf ball deformation and recovery at impact. 

Launch conditions

Titleist studies and categorizes the launch conditions (initial velocity, launch angle, spin rate and spin axis orientation) of different types of players from professionals to serious amateurs to recreational golfers in order to best design golf balls to meet their different specific needs.

Wind tunnel testing

Titleist has been conducting wind tunnel testing and computer analysis since the 1960's to evaluate dimple shapes and configurations for the most efficient blend between lift and drag. 

Manchester Lane test facility

Continuous improvement is a core value at Titleist. As our golf ball technology advanced and grew more sophisticated, so too did our need for a dedicated testing facility. It didn’t exist. So we built it. Take a look inside the Manchester Lane testing facility to see how our commitment to testing helps deliver the #1 ball in golf.

Manchester Lane test facility

It’s a fairly straightforward question but as you can imagine, when your focus is designing and developing the #1 ball in golf there are countless paths and roads that the journey to finding the answer will take. 

It’s a long process that involves a lot of people and best-in-class technology but most importantly, it begins and ends with the golfer.

See the Player Research Team in Action

At Titleist, our main objective is to help golfers play their best. We test and validate the performance of our golf balls with golfers of all skill levels, from Tour players to recreational golfers. 

Player feedback is crucial to the development process, and ensures our products deliver the on-course performance players need to shoot their lowest scores.

See how feedback from the world’s best players helps Titleist continually improve the #1 ball in golf. 


Go Inside the Ropes

where a golf ball truly earns the Titleist script

Prototype player testing

Before any product earns the right to be stamped with the Titleist script, it has to make it through rigorous on-course performance testing.

Because this step is so essential, we invite thousands of Team Titleist members to participate in product test panels.

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