2018 Worldwide Ball Count

Nearest Competitor 3,422

2018 Worldwide Win Count

Nearest Competitor 29

Mayakoba Golf Classic

Nearest Competitor 11%

NSW Open

Nearest Competitor 10%

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Nukaga's Maiden Victory with New 2019 Pro V1x Highlights 5-Win Week for Titleist Players

One week after Titleist introduced the new 2019 Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls on The PGA TOUR, the new models went global, debuting across all other...


3,000 Since 2000

Just one week after the new 2019 Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls debuted on the PGA TOUR, the Pro V1 franchise reached another unprecedented milestone...


What It Takes | Cracking The Club Fitting Code

“If you haven’t been fit, you’re not playing your best golf. A fitting frees you up to attack the course on every shot.” -...

Golf Clubs


New driver came with tool, but not adjustment book. Is it same as 917D2?

United Kingdom / Ireland

Why Scotland Remains the Home of Golf

You could make the argument that the sport of golf is at the absolute height of its popularity. Thanks to emerging markets in the likes of India,...

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