Golf Club Fitting with Titleist

The goal is simple: Nothing but total confidence with every club in your bag. Confidence that your clubs will perform exactly as expected and that you can execute every shot needed to lower your scores. Find your nearest fitting opportunity by clicking below.

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Why Get Fit

There are no stock players. No stock swings. Hence, no stock setups.

A Titleist golf club fitting is so much more than determining your specs – it’s about learning which shots you need and finding the right clubs to hit those shots.

In the end, fitting frees you up to attack the course with every shot and gives you the confidence needed to lower your scores.

Bottom line: If you haven't been fit, you aren't playing your best golf. It's that simple.

What To Expect During Your Club Fitting

On average, fittings can last from 30 minutes (single club) up to 3 hours (full bag fitting).

Safety Guidelines

Safety Guidelines

We want to make this a safe experience for you, your fitter, and your fellow golfers. We are taking extra precautions, and ask that you follow a few simple guidelines:

  • Comply with all local regulations
  • Conduct a pre-fitting wellness screen
  • Wash your hands before and after your fitting
  • Distance yourself at least 1.5m from others
  • Do not shake hands or make contact with others
  • Only hold fitting clubs from the grip end
  • Do not touch fitting club heads
Golfer swinging golf club to warm up for club fitting

Warm Up

Arrive early to your fitting with your current set of clubs in order to warm up and create a benchmark.

Golfer talking to fitting expert about club fitting


You'll then be introduced to your fitter to discuss strengths, weaknesses, and goals for the fitting.

Golfer swinging golf club for ball flight monitor test with club fitting expert

Launch Monitor Technology

Fitters are equipped with ball flight monitor technology to help you find the best performing clubs for your game.

Variety of Golf Club Shafts


Select shaft model, flex and weight to optimize distance, trajectory, dispersion and feel.

Clubhead being adjusted to test for club fitting


Determine the best model and head options/settings like loft, lie and SureFit® CG location.

Variety of Golf Club Grips

Set Composition and Custom Options

Your fitter will ensure each club produces proper trajectory and consistent gapping throughout the set. You will then select your preferred grip model and size.

“Come in with an open mind and let the fitter guide you. It pays to be properly fitted."

Rob V., Team Titleist Member

Where to get fit for Titleist Clubs

Our highly skilled network of fitters utilises advanced tools to help golfers optimise club performance and fine-tune set composition.  Click the images below to learn more and find the right fitting experience for you.

National Fitting Centre

The Titleist National Fitting Centre at Spring Valley Golf Club in Melbourne, Victoria offers premium Tour level golf club fitting services.

Titleist Thursdays

Titleist product experts are available each Thursday at participating locations to conduct complimentary golf club fittings, offer product trial, and answer questions.

Golfer and Club Fitting Expert looking at launch monitor data

Advanced Fitting Partners

Advanced fitting partners are equipped with over 1,800 club combinations and utilise launch monitors to offer a high level of service for golfers who want an in-depth and thorough fitting experience.

Titleist Fitting Partners

Excellent, highly accessible on- and off-course locations outfitted with Titleist SureFit® technology to offer a high level of service for golfers who want an in-depth fitting experience.


Click below to find your Titleist fitting experience. For additional help, give us a call at 1-800-660-535.

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"What an experience! Being properly fit will create a huge advantage in your game!"

Mark T., Team Titleist Member


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