Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I book a fitting session at the Titleist Fitting Centre? 

A: You can book online here or call the Titleist Australia office on 1800 660 535. Please note: Bookings are essential as places are limited.

Q: What is the duration of each Fitting Session? 

A: We schedule 2 hours for each appointment to allow enough time to fit you ‘tee to green’ for all 13 clubs in your bag (excluding the putter).

Q: How much does the Fitting Session cost? 

A: The cost is $165 for a two (2) hour fitting session with PGA Professional and Golf Club Fitting Leader, Brendan Chatham.

Q: How do I make payment? 

A: Payment is by credit card only. If you book online we will call you within 48 hours to arrange payment and confirmation of your appointment date and time. If you book over the phone, we will take your payment at the time of booking. A confirmation email will be sent with your Fitting Session details.

Q: What do I need to bring with me to the fitting session? 

A: Your current set of golf clubs, hat, glove, golf shoes, sunscreen

Q: What is the Spring Valley Golf Club Dress Code? 

A: Metal spikes are prohibited. Neat, clean, golfing attire with short predominantly white socks. The following are not acceptable attire: Denim jeans, tracksuits, multi pocketed cargo shorts or pants, cord or elastic waisted pants slacks or shorts, beach attire, tank tops, t -shirts and singlets and thongs.

Q: Are there locker facilities available? 

A: There are no locker or toilet facilities at the Titleist Fitting Centre. You are permitted to use the locker room and bathroom facilities inside the Spring Valley Golf Club.

Q: What happens during my appointment? 

A: Plan on arriving to the Titleist Fitting Centre around 10 minutes before the start of your appointment time. That way you are not rushing and you will have time to get settled before your club fitting begins. We have allotted 120 minutes for your appointment. In that time we will fit you ‘tee to green’ for all 13 clubs in your bag (excluding the putter). Upon completion of your appointment, we will send a copy of your Titleist golf club specifications to yourself on email, and also a copy to your nominated Titleist golf club retail partner.

Q: What golf club product will be used to fit me? 

A: We use an interchangeable fitting system across our Driver, Fairway, Hybrid, Iron and Wedge product categories. Every Titleist 917 Metals clubhead is available in both RH and LH along with over 270 shaft options across multiple lengths and flexes. Every Titleist 716 Iron is able to be fitted in both RH and LH with over 70 shaft options. As for SM6 Vokey Wedges, we have over 70 of these across multiple lie options in both RH and LH. We are pretty confident that we have all the product we need to correctly fit you during your appointment.

Q: Do you use a launch monitor during the fitting process? 

A: Yes, the Trackman 3e unit will be used

Q: What golf balls will be used during the fitting process? 

A: Titleist Pro V1 and/or Titleist Pro V1x golf balls will be used

Q: Will the fitting session be conducted indoors or outdoors? 

A: The Titleist Fitting Centre at Spring Valley Golf Club has three areas where club fittings take place. The practice fairway that we will use is 300m long and we will either conduct your club fitting on the grassed tee area outside, the short game area or inside our purpose built Titleist Fitting Centre building. Depending on weather conditions, Fitting Centre usage by the Titleist Tour Department or other factors which may be present on the day of your appointment will dictate if we are outdoors or indoors.

Q: Can I book a fitting for a Driver or wedge only? 

A: Yes, you can make a booking for driver fitting only. The club fitting session is 120 minutes duration. You are welcome to stay and demo other clubs if there is time remaining in your session.

Q: What if I have to cut short the club fitting session? 

A: That’s fine. Just let us know at the start of the appointment what time you need to leave and we will accommodate you as best as possible. However if you do need to leave early, we may not be able to complete a full 13 club fit for you and you may need to pass on one of either the driver, long game, iron or wedge fittings normally included in the 120 minute session.

Q: Can I bring a guest with me to the Fitting Centre? 

A: Yes. Guests are welcome to observe the club fitting, however we are not in a position to fit them for any golf clubs.

Q: How do I purchase golf clubs that I have been fitted for? 

A: Please contact your nominated Titleist golf club retail partner to order any of the products that you have been fitted.

Q: What if I need to reschedule or cancel my appointment? 

A: Please call our office on (03) 9540 5000.

Q: Have another question not listed here? 

A: Please call our office on (03) 9540 5000.