Barnbougle Dunes Big Bomb

Recently on a two week stay at the magnificent Barnbougle Coarses in Tasmania i had my first hole in one at the highly rated Dunes coarse. This in itself was the most exciting thing i have ever done in golf but with one major difference. My hole in one was on the 12th which is a Par 4, 254m uphill start that levels out near the green.
We played early in the morning with very little breeze, i took out my trusty Titleist D3 Driver & decided to attack the green instead off taking the safe path. I hit it perfect & knew it was on line as it cleared the bunker that is about 30m short of the green but could not see where my ball ended up.
As we were walking to the green a member of the ground staff passed us & went to work on the green side bunker. I walked along the edge of the fairway looking for my ball & checking bunkers but with no success. When i arrived at the green i asked the staff member if my ball was in the bunker, he replyed "not in here mate". I thanked him & thought it must be over the back & in all the trouble in the world. As i was walking over the green to continue looking for my ball i passed within about 3m of the cup & could see the top half of a ball. I slowly went to check the ball to find looking straight up at me was my Pro V1 number 3. I went silent, i couldn't believe it. My Wife (& playing partner) asked what was i doing standing near the cup. I didn't answer the first time i just had the biggest grin on my face. When she asked a second time i just bent over & picked the ball out of the hole. She immediately started to jump & shout, the staff member fixing the bunker ran out to shake my hand & i just stood there stunned.
After about 5 minutes i still had goose bumps & my wife sujested to head straight to the bar but as it was only 10am i said i wanted to finish the round.
When we arrived back at the Club house word had got around & waiting at the front door was Brett the local Pro & Gary the Manager. They asked did i need the door widened for me to get through. I smiled & said i would be right but a drink or two was on the cards. We celebrated all day & i will never forget how great everyone at the coarse & the staff were to me.
I proudly display the certificate that was presented to me from Barnbougle & have photos & the ball mounted in prime position at home. I still get a big smile on my face when i remeber that one big bomb.
Cheers, Peter S.