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The Major Tournament to Win

If you could choose to win one of Golf's four major championships (Men's Championships), which one would you choose to win and why? As for...


U.S. Open Review

Brooks Koepka showed us that his first win at last years U.S. Open was not a fluke. Nice to see another win for the ProV1x...


Getaway in Michigan

My buddies and I started going to Michigan's Treetops Resort 3 years ago when we turned 50, and we have gone back every...


Kananaskis 2.0

Well, just a week short of 5 years since the Kananaskis Country Golf course was destroyed by the 2013 flood, I had the...


TT Bag Tag

Thankyou for the bagtag...appreciated... Jim Mallard Angus, Ont...


TS Drivers Tour Launch

In case you haven't checked your inbox or social media recently, the newest Drivers from Titleist begin their rigorous...


Interesting Find

It is absolutely amazing what one can find when you have to venture into uncharted areas of the golf course. My problem with...

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