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Vokey SM7 Raw finish

Jonathan L

Does anybody know if the Vokey SM7's are available in the UK with the Raw finished which you can custom order on the Vokey wedge works website?? I've spec'd a wedge and went to order from the US but it won't ship to the UK.

Any help?!?

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  1. Tom C

    They are. On the website there is a form that you can fill in for 'international orders'. Send it on to your local pro and they'll order them for you.

    I'm waiting on 4 Raw SM7's as we speak!
  2. Matt S

    Hi Jonathan

    Use this form and take to your Local Titleist Retailer

  3. Jonathan L

    Thanks Matt that's perfect!!!
  4. Simon B

    Hi Jonathan,

    Your club can order them through Titleist but they will come from the US and take several weeks.

    I ordered 4 and 3 of them arrived after 3 weeks; for reasons that haven’t been explained the other was delayed and finally 3 weeks later.

    Check the price before you order, I was an idiot and didn’t. Including stamping, additional shaft band, change of ferrule, they’ve come in at £195 per club. This includes a £25 mark up by my club which is very steep for just picking up the phone and making the order.

    I should have shopped around with other clubs / stores and in hindsight wouldn’t bother ordering from WedgeWorks again.

    Hope that helps.
  5. Russell Y

    Simon, I couldn't agree more with everything you said. Mine took ages to come from the US with various delays, and my pro could not get any tracking of where they were in the process.

    I think Titleist really need to look at this as it would surely make sense to have a Wedgeworks operation in the UK for EMEA orders. As you said the cost is high but while people like you and I spend this money they will not change.

    Next time will just customise the standard jet black wedges.
  6. Jonathan L

    Placed my order for a raw SM7 wedge yesterday with my clubs pro shop. Pretty pricey so hopefully it'll be worth the money and wait! Can't wait to get it!!

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