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Snapback Mesh Hats


Been wondering if Titleist is ever going to sell to the public the snapback tour issue hats. I know there is a lot of people asking for this hats.


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  1. RI1993

    Hi FLombardi,

    Where did you find this picture? I too have been looking for a Titleist hat like this for some time and would love to see Titleist release this hat to the public...I would probably never wear any other hat ever again!!
  2. ben l

    Absolutely love them. More tour players are wearing them now.
  3. Chuck Z

    Not a big fan of the trucker flat bills. Prefer the fitted traditional tour.
  4. zachcolburn

    The only way that I know of that you can get these hats is to donate $100 or more to the Charley Hoffman foundation. They will send you one as a thank you for your donation.
  5. Jim K

    Never really noticed to be honest. Never shopped them due to my gigantic noggin. The last thing I need is a flat bill hat to accentuate this melon.
  6. ADAM P

    Giveaway Zac Blair did on twitter last year, recognized it because the gray one is on my head right now. They really are the best hats, I don't know why they haven't made them available to the public, I'd buy one in every color. Used to be able to find some flat brim titleist logo new era 5950's online but haven't for a while, I can see why those would be a challenge because there's so many sizes but making a one size snapback seems doable to me
  7. RI1993

    Yeah, the new era 5950s used to be sold at the PGA tourstop website, but the store and website closed down a year or two ago and I haven't seen those hats available anywhere since. It really is too bad these aren't available to the public, this snapback style and the 5950 style Andrew Johnston wears are so cool :/
  8. John G

    I wish they would offer these, but also with a standard bill. I can't pull off the flat bill look at 44 years old.
  9. RI1993

    John G, I got this one when I was around 14, making it about 10 years old (I couldn't tell you where I bought it from), and I loved it. It's similar to that SnapBack in this post, but has a Velcro back. I've tried to bring this hat back to life, but the mesh back has all sorts of wear and tear. One of the reasons I would love to replace that with an updated flatbill one like this.
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  10. John G

    Yes! Titleist, please make these with either a snap-back or Velcro!
  11. Tyler J

    Yes, please start selling these to the public! They would sell like hot cakes and would be a great summer hat!
  12. Robert K


  13. Abby L., Team Titleist Staff

    Hey all -

    Thanks sharing your interest our headwear! Currently we offer the flat bill cap style number: TH7FFB-P12. The styles of the players listed are not currently available.

    All the best,
    Team Titleist Staff
  14. August C

    How in the world can i get ahold of one of these? Been looking for years, any advice on where to look
  15. Mike T

    Why don't you sell them? I seriously have to become a pro golfer to buy Cam Smith's hat?
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