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Quick Poll: How do you organize your Titleist golf bag?

Abby L., Team Titleist Staff Team Titleist Staff

Hey Team Titleist - 

Since it's no longer warm enough for my liking to play golf, I'm going through all of my equipment and cleaning my golf bag. And what a sight that golf bag was! I quickly realized I'm one of those players who is not the most organized with my golf bag and I tend to always bring an extra pouch for my keys, wallet, phone, etc. As you go through your golf bag, how do you organize it? Answer the quick poll below and share your thoughts (and tips for me!) in the comments.


Team Titleist Staff

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  1. Steve N

    Pockets are for specific things, aren’t they?
  2. Tyler H

    Organized chaos. I recently did the annual winter clean out of my bag. Several observations made:

    - $4.87 of change found in my ball pocket
    - 8 gloves in various states of use (you never know when you need a range glove or throw away glove for the rain)
    - 3 brand new gloves
    - More tees than one should have
    - 2 sleeves of new balls
    - 7 balls for the shag bag
    - 1 granola bar

    It feels good knowing that heading into 2018 my golf bag is ready to go for another season.


    For the most part most of my stuff has a place. it is interesting when you forget that you put something in your bag though. I recently found 3 sleeves of ProV1x's. I do like when I find that in my bag. :)

  4. vurich

    From my experience, athletes are very superstitious. There's a place for everything. And everything in it's place. It's part of an almost spiritual ritual to pack my Titleist bag with wonderful Titleist products. It energizes me and gives me a psychological edge. Nothing like new ProV's. New gloves. Titleist Tees and my TT ball marker. Then my keys and wallet in my soft, Titleist personal item bag. My Titleist towel in place and my Titleist metal's slot cleaner hanging on it's hook. Clubs clean. Grips clean. Headcovers on. Everything in it's place! #TeamTitleist!
  5. Steve S

    Great post Abby. I have to be able to know where everything is. Saves me time on the course. I give my bag the once over about every couple weeks.
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  6. Rick D

    Snowing here today in N Wisconsin. I've already cleaned out my bag, cleaned the clubs/grips. Have been putting in the basement and now our indoor range has been set up, so hitting a few balls now and then.

    I help our pro with caddy training once in a while. I tell the kid on my bag "make sure you put things back where I have them". I don't want going for a club to be an adventure. Had the grips changed and when I grabbed the bag to head to the range every club was in the wrong spot. That about sends me over the edge!

    I'm like that with most things. Don't mess with my tools or tackle box. It drives me crazy that my wife never puts the kitchen tools in the same place. Go for a spatula and the eggs may be burnt by the time I find one.
  7. Garrison M

    Each pocket in my bag is designated for a certain item. I keep it there and you can always find it in the same spot. I hate scrambling for things on the first tee box.
  8. Jonathan L

    Everything has to have it's place! Drive's me a little bit crazy if my bag isn't in order.
    Definitely one of the reason's for some of my bad shots if I don't follow my routine haha
  9. Sam K

    Every item has a place! After each round, before I put my bag up, I replenish and replace. My bag is a 14 way with full length dividers, so each club has a designated space as well.

    Item's in bag pockets include....
    9 balls
    1 Glove (in use) wrapped neatly around RPG TE600 rangefinder
    1 new glove in package
    18 tee's
    CrestGolf Switch Divot tool with Eagle Globe and Anchor ball marker
    Otis receiver brush
    Range book
    550 cord
    Rain cover
    Rain jacket
    Crown Royal bag for ball hunting!

  10. Paul C

    One pocket for valuables, one for balls, one for pitch repairers, markers etc, large pockets for Clothing, towels, boxes of balls (not sure why but they're in there) and then spare pockets for special items which have memories attached like the accessories from the Emirates, Turtle Bay (Honeymoon) etc.
    Cleaned out every couple of rounds bt still carry too much round the course.
    Hopefully that will be managed better once I get a new Titleist bag in the new year :)
  11. Robert L

    Everything has it place... Just like we build routines for getting ready, or in our warm-ups to play, the bag is an essential part of that order. I feel that since this game is so mentally intense, we should try to reserve all of our mental focus for the course. It's like keeping your clubs organized in the bag, you want to be able to automatically reach for clubs w/o searching to maintain focus, and the same thing goes for if I need a new glove, or different ball, etc.

    When I'm getting my gear out of the car, and putting on my shoes... going through my bag and getting my pivot tool, ball markers, tees, and balls out of the bag are a part of that process to get prepared for the round. Who wants to start their round by adding the stress of looking for things that you know are in there?
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  12. Ralph C

    I try and keep everything organized. Nobody wants to wait while you dig through your bag looking for something.
  13. Liv2Golf

    I am very OCD about my golf bag. I have to fix it when someone puts stuff back in my bag in the wrong place or wrong order.
  14. Jeffrey P

    more pockets the better. All the golf essentials plus snacks, rain suit and other items all in their respective pockets
  15. Chuck Z

    Everything has a place in my tour bags. Even have a older model Titleist zip up accessories bag for my ball markers, change, wallet and keys. Always wear a watch to match my FJ apparel, so no need for storage. I want to know exactly where everything is when I need it. Irritates me when I accidentally put a club in the wrong slot (which we refer to in my group as a senior moment). After all there are only six slots. After all, that is two in two, three in three, and the putter. Seems easy enough. That is 14 clubs, right? Cheers, Chuck..........
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