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TT Divot Tool

D. Coble T

Any chance of a TT divot tool similar to this leather one???

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  1. Chris M

    Never seen a TT divot tool simimlar to the one on the picture
  2. Chuck Z

    No, a bit different. In the middle of the pin and money clip.
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  3. Dr O

    Looks classy. I would vote for that
  4. Barry S

    Never seen one with only 1 prong. Like the leather.
  5. Hendy

    I noticed that Vokey just released this type of repair tool. Check out the store on the Vokey site.
  6. D. Coble T

    Hendy I just viewed the Vokey site...nice! Thanks for that as I'm going to order the one in gun-metal. Still a leather single prong TT logo would be one that I'd carry.
  7. Chuck Z

    That looks like the GolfWRX logo.....the TT double prong are very functional........personally, I prefer a double prong......prefer to leave them as they are.......
  8. Jacob W

    Never saw one with single prong but, wouldn't mind if TT would make one. All TT gears nice to have.
  9. D. Coble T

    I've never tried a single prong tool, except for a tee every now and then. I simply liked the leather feature which would be a classic touch on either a single or two prong tool.

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