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14 Way Cart Bag

Jeffery M

I’ve had this bag for less than a year and already is getting holes. Is the material too thin? Anyone else experience this problem? This was my 1st Titleist Bag and makes me skeptical about buying a new one.

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  1. Duane J

    Sadly I have experienced this with my last 2 deluxe cart bags. I'm kind of embarrassed to have to use gorilla tape to keep the holes from growing. Call me stupid, but I love the bags. Will purchase a new one for the 3rd year in a row. Hope Titleist fixes the problem.
  2. AMcJannett

    Hey jeffery. I have the same bag and it has a hole in the same spot. Besides that it’s such a great bag
  3. Darren B

    I had problems with my 14 wAy stand bag ripping around the zipper of the waterproof pocket. Titleist replaced mine. I’m hoping it doesn’t happen again.
  4. AYip

    Besides the hole, how is the bag? I was planning on getting the 14 way, but am also considering the 5 way. Thanks.
  5. Jeffery M

    AYip, I really like this bag, tons of storage for everything. Just sent it back to Titleist, cause it was still under warranty. Hopefully I will get a new one. I have midsize grips and no problem with getting my clubs out of the dividers. Looks like the 2018 bags have a better material and more reinforced around the strap area. I think it’s one of the best ones out there. Good luck.
  6. AYip

    Thanks Jeffery!

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