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john h

Has anybody had any problems with their Titleist umbrella ? cant believe one of my ribs has snapped and i have only used it half a dozen times ?

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  1. Dale V

    No but here in San Diego, it doesn't get used very often. My old one was 10 years old so i picked up a new one last year before heading to Bandon. I was extremely impressed by how much lighter they are than the old ones. helped a lot when carrying my bag for 4 days straight. No problems with the ribs or anything else.
  2. Dustin Clevenger

    I have the single canopy not sure which one you have but it has been awesome havent had any problems
  3. Chuck Z

    Have not had any issues with either of mine. How long have you had it and have you contacted Titleist customer service? Some of Titleist umbrellas are manufacturered by Gustbusters and they have a great warranty on their products. I would start with Titleist customer service.
  4. larry m

    Yes. I had a duel canopy and broke one rib first time out. Went back to single canopy but that cost me another 50. My warranty ran out before I even used it.
  5. Dale V

    Even Roy has rib issues. Happens to the best...
  6. Chuck Z

    Dale V

    Even Roy has rib issues. Happens to the best...

    So did Adam...
  7. Mac 229

    Yes my double canopy lasted about a year before one of the ribs snapped.

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