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larry m

Did the TT bag tags run out? I requested one a few weeks ago but nothing yet.

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  1. Tyler H

    Just need to be patient, good things come to those that wait.

  2. Sam K

    These are not given by request... They are awarded to TT members who complete their profiles, stay actively engaged with the community, and provide meaningful contribution. Do these things and you will have a nice surprise one day!
  3. Tim Tiger

    Participate in the conversations and enjoy the posts. This isn't a site for free items upon request, Many of us have been here since the start and take pride in being a member.

  4. Chuck Z

    Not available upon request or for sale. We earned ours for being loyal active participants. Time and patience pays off.
  5. Rick P

    Being a participant has its advantages.....a lot of great information on here from members. Read, Learn, and be Rewarded.
  6. Lance P

    Log on, post comments, check out the site daily...perhaps a nice white envelope will show up in your mailbox!
  7. DC

    It’s not about bag tags.

    Be patient, be dedicated. Enjoy the community here and enjoy what Titleist has given us.
  8. Speedy

    The lovely bag tag request.. What everyone said on here; participate, be involved and be patient... IMO, this is one of the best golf community site you'll ever come across. I've met so many great people on this site...

    Enjoy the site...
  9. augusto r

    It was given out by Abbey and Rick,as long they sign up for T/T membership that was after the holidays.
  10. Shaun M

    I'm patiently waiting and hoping mine shows up too. Patience is not one of my strong suits. I've been a fan of Titleist since I started hitting my 712 AP2's and discovered this forum not that long ago, and now I check it out almost every day. Great people that I would love to meet on the course!
  11. Capt Sanman

    they are nice , I will not put it on my bag as mine was stolen at the golf course after my round we went inside for some food and drinks and when I came back to my cart the bag tag was missing.
  12. Nelson F

    Wow sorry to hear that. That's ridiculous
  13. Rich T

    That is awful! I always get nervous leaving my bag after a round so most of the time I bring it back to my car before heading in to the clubhouse. I once had my entire bag stolen from my car while out on a date and it was a terrible feeling. While I love new clubs, being forced to replace everything at one time is expensive and frustrating.
  14. augusto r

    After a round of golf I put my bag in the car can not trust any golf course specially in Hawaii,sad
  15. John M

    Now, that's low. People who steal from golfers should never be called golfers. Talk about going against the spirit of the game. I had a Wilson Arnold Palmer with the original leather grip stolen at a driving range when I was inside paying for a bucket. remembering that is why when I come across a club on the course, I always try my damnedest to find the owner.
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