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What Titleist Ball Should I Play?

Christian T

What Titleist ball should I play? I have about a 90-95 mph golf swing. I'm currently play Pro V1x but I'm thinking about playing just the Pro V1. Help!! What should i really be playing?

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  1. Don O

    How would you describe your drives/long irons launch/penetration?  Too high?  Too low?

    How would you describe your short game?  Enough spin control to check up?  Could use more spin?

    The former rule of thumb was prior to 2010 was ProV1x worked better with swing speeds over 100.  Titleist now disputes this logic.  It is now more based on your control and not swing speed.

    Why do you think you need to change?


  2. Christian J

    When Titleist works on fitting people for golf balls, they focus mainly on short game because that's where most of your shots occur from.  You need to choose the ball that feels best for you.  Also it depends if you want more spin or distance.  Both balls feature great spin and distance, but are designed for whichever you prefer most.  ProV1 spin, ProV1x distance.  I personally play the ProV1 because I like the feel of it, and it still offers me a great amount of distance. 

  3. Tito

    I agree with Christian J, Titleist does focus on the short game within the golf ball fitting program and are not concerned with the club speed.  The ProV1's will give you more spin and the ProV1X's is for distance.  

    Christian T,  If you haven't participated in an official Titleist golf ball fitting, I do recommend it.  It is a very interesting process and very informative.  They have 3 teams that travel the US.  Check with you club or email Titleist about the schedule.



  4. Joey R

    In all honesty, try both of them at the same time during a round.  That is the easiest way to tell.  I tried the V1 and V1x like that to see which one I liked better.  I played a practice round by myself so I could hit tee shots and approach shots without slowing anyone down.  This way you get a good gauge of how they respond to your typical round of golf, i.e. driving, approach, short wedges shots and chipping.  I found with the putter that it does not make much difference to me which one I use.

    Hope this helps.

    Joey R

  5. Devin F

    The prov1x is the best ball for you i think and most pros use the 1x and their swing speeds are kind of similar to yours (mostly faster) but if you want distance and control this is the ball for you. Good luck and i hope you figure out your best ball.

    -Devin Foster

  6. Christian T

    I'm not really liking the ball i play right now. I have low trajectory rates and i never seem to get the drop and stop technique when i play the Pro V1x.

  7. Daniel R

    id go with the X. seems like a better option for you

  8. cam j

    do you gets a lot of spin ? the big thing is the pro V1 gets more spin and a little less distance and the pro V1x will go farther but get less spin. Where your speed is at it, play with what is more comfortable to you. There is no right or wrong at your speed. Hope this helps

  9. Don O

    Christian T

    I'm not really liking the ball i play right now. I have low trajectory rates and i never seem to get the drop and stop technique when i play the Pro V1x.

    Correct ball fitting may provide some answers for you.
    If you get enough spin for stop and drop with a ProV1, that is the short answer.
    You do need to use a urethane cover for maximum stop and drop, but that alone does not provide the technique.  If the NXT Tour stops as well as both but provides better launch/distance, that may be a route.  ...Or figure out how to get more spin on your approach shots. 
    Not sure where your trajectory is low, but this may be a sign that your clubs are too stiff (or another swing fault).  Always too many variiables to suggest what works for me or anyone else on this list.
  10. memphisunited

    My advice is to try all the Titleist balls.  

  11. John W

    Seems like people say the 1x is longer but for me it might be reversed.   Even though the Pro V1 launches lower, I think the extra spin helps my carry distance.   Does that make sense?

  12. andy r

    I was sent a sleeve of balls last fall to test and they were great - fantastic around the greens.

    I believe they were the prototypes for the new PRO V version but I am not positive.

    I wonder if anyone knows for sure.


    All I know is whatever they are  they will be the only ball use ever again.

  13. AC RixRox

     I have to agree with Joey. It does not matter which Titleist ball I hit. I hit DCI Irons, 909D3, 906F4s, 585Hs and an Old Bulls Eye putter.  I use my old Velocities. I can't seem to lose them. The V1x's are water dogs and love to go swimming or sometimes a hike in the woods. My old Velocities grow older with me and, like me, they are cheap!

  14. Randy C

    You said it!!

  15. Clinton M

    play the pro v1.
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