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Pro v1x or NXT tour?

Matt J

Pro v1x or NXT tour?

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  1. Rich P

    I played the nxt tour good ball . I buy the prov1x used balls off e-bay and they fly better . so im sticking with the prov1x's . their a great ball. they do help my game. Once i improve a little more i will be buying new .

  2. Matt J

    Of course all of the info I put didn't show up haha. So I'll shorten it up a little. I don't know my swing speed. I play the nxt tour right now and it's doing alright. But I want more spin around the green. To me the nxt tour doesn't have enough short game spin. I like the nxt off the tee, and I like it off the irons when I hit it good. But will the new 2013 pro v1x hit off the tee and irons like the nxt but have more short game spin?

  3. Joseph C

    i think the nxt tour would be perfect with more control around greens. When I play them I cannot get them to stop but with the ProV1 they stop and come back a foot or two. 

    Huge difference in price and control but all and all prov1 is a better ball.

  4. SD_Golfer


    The way I see it, I love the action I get from the Pro V1 around the greens and on the approach, because of that, even if it means using a 5 iron instead of a 6 iron on my approach on Par 4's, it is definitely worth it.  I know people who prefer the way the NXT Tour performs around the green, that is the ball for them.  

    The only advice I can give is play a round (or preferably 2 or 3) with each and decide which you are happiest with.

  5. Jacob B

    I play the ProV1x's and I really love them. I tried the NXT Tour's and the ProV1's, and the ProV1x's are still my favorite. If you are looking for more short game control, the ProV1 is going to provide more control and spin around the greens than the other two are. The ProV1x's will fly further with less spin, which is really the main difference. I have found that all ProV's will stop very quickly, though.

    Good Luck!

  6. Tyler G

    I was previously playing the NXT Tour ball, but once the new ProV1x's were released this year, I instantly switched. 

    I find there is way more control around the greens, even out some thick rough. But can be also worked different directions off the tee. 

    But again, it comes down to a preference depending on your swing speed.


  7. Ryan H

    I have played both a lot. Off the tee I cannot tell a difference. But with my approaches, the time it takes the ball to stop once it hits the green it significantly shorter for the ProV1x. For example, I had a tournament where I hit a three hybrid and the ball came out low but still stopped in about 20 feet.

    I can tell the biggest difference around the green on my chips. With the ProV1x, the ball plays more consistent and seems to reach the same even roll faster.

    Hope this helps 

  8. Jimmy L

    I have used Pro V1's for a long time, but recently switched due to too much spin. When I would hit a lower shot into the wind, the Pro V1 would spin way to much. The NXT Tour's however drop and stop. I see minimal difference's in distance off the tee and with irons. I also still receive just as good short game control. Overall, with the lower price and lower spin, I would reccommend the NXT Tour any day over the Pro V line. 

  9. Brian R

    Jimmy L.......... Have you considered trying the ProV1X?

  10. Kurt Z

    I really like the NXT Tour.  Maybe it's a confidence thing, but I feel I have more control with it, and stay in the fairway more.  The ball has a high launch and stopping it on the green is not a problem.  Of course it won't spin like a ProV1X but I've had it stop within a foot or two on a full wedge.  If I can do that and keep it in the fairway, I can't ask for more than that.

  11. Jimmy L

    Yes I have and I love them. They preform just like the NXT Tour but my only problem is their price. Im kind of a cheap guy and if NXT Tours preform the same as ProV1X's, then why would I spend the money. 

  12. Carl T

    I like the ProV1x for the following reasons. First I like the fact that they spin less to give a longer straighter flight when hit with the driver regardless of swing speed and for mid iron range approach to the green they tend to stop pretty quick with very little roll out because I have always had a high trajectory with my irons. I have always been a sweeper and not a digger with my clubs and the greens keepers love me. There is very little difference between the two ProV1's when chipping around the green so the choice in my case is very easy.

  13. James S

    I have played the NXT and they are good balls!  Personally, I am in love with the Pro V1x.  Great distance (for me) off the tee  or the fairway and straight shooters if I do my part. and great stopping power on the greens which really works for me since I tend to pitch to the pin. 

    Invest in a couple of sleeves or Pro V1s and see how you like them. Over and over again I have found you get what you pay for, but sometimes you don't really need everything a more expensive product has to offer. 

  14. Clinton M

    the pro v1x

  15. Danny A

    ProV1 for me. I have always played this ball. I have such great control and I can spin it very well. I get good distance as well. Some day when I finish my 4 dz ProV 1's I'll try the ProV1X's!! But for now it's ProV1 !!!
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