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Early Christmas!


Living outside of Cleveland, it's hard to get excited about playing golf when the wind chill is 9 degrees and schools are closed for bad weather. However, got a present from my best friend in Arizona, the test market AVX's. Interesting to see how they play. Any TT members played them? Had to buy a dozen in case they are a limited run...really cool..only available in CA, AZ, and FL I believe...

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  1. Dale V

    Yep Scotty, got a HIO with one. See several earlier posts for reviews by some of the TT folks that have also tried them out.
  2. Mike r

    Hey, Hit one of those over west in Lorain county!
  3. Steve S

    Can't wait for the AVX's to show up at the Jersey Shore!
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  4. ScottyC50

    Indeed! At least you have less slow.
  5. Michael JC

    Got to see them in the process of being made at Ball Plant 3.
    They are in good company since BP3 is where the Pro V's are made!
  6. ScottyC50

    Did you find the softer than the Pro V's? Just curious....

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