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Quick Poll: Do you tee up a new ball at the start of a round?

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager Team Titleist Staff

For me, when I step up to the first tee it just doesn't feel quite right if I'm not teeing up a new ball at the start of the round. I’m not sure if it classifies as a superstition or if it’s just a habit, but it’s something that has been part of my routine for as long as I can remember.

So for this quick poll, I thought it would be fun to hear from you all and see if you also tee up a new ball at the start of a round. Vote below and add a comment to the thread to share the story behind your pre-round routine.

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  1. brian b

    if i'm out playing with my buddies or in a match then I always start with a fresh ball. if it's just me out playing for practice then I do not.
  2. Dale V

    Depends on the round. Casual nine hole outing by myself is usually the same ball over and over until i lose it or it gets too rough. Scramble or full round at a different course and I usually play new ones.
  3. Brian D

    New ball at the start of every round for me. I think superstitiously that new ball = new start. Nothing like a clean fresh brilliant white #1 ProV1 sitting on that tee just waiting for me.

    Even better when you are the dew sweeper group and get to see all of your run outs.

    Happy Holidays and thanks Team Titleist for such a great 2017!!!
  4. Chris R

    It all depends on the round. If it a a tournament or other special occasion I will use a brand new ball. If the weather is bad or if I am having "one of those days" I will use an older ball.
  5. Speedy

    Always a new ball when I start a new round.. By always taking advantage of the buy 3 and get one free promotion in the Spring time, I'm able to tee up a new ball...
  6. Don O

    League play and "competitive" weekend rounds, yes. Working on getting in a quick 9 or 18 without a warm-up - no.
  7. Barry B

    My decision to start a round with a new ball depends on whether or not my round is competitive or casual and time of the year. Competitive rounds - new ball, casual rounds & late fall/winter/early spring - old ball.

    I just reach in and grab a titleist golf ball that doesn't have any scuffs on it. :)

    If they get scuffs or imperfections I put them in the practice shag bag. On rare occasions i'll grab a new ball and put it in play or if I need a change i'll grab a new ball.

  9. Rick D

    If I'm playing in something that matters I'll always tee up a new ball. If it's a casual round, such as playing nine after work with my wife, then no.
  10. vurich

    It's as close to a religious experience without entering the "Pearly Gates." It's really the whole reason of playing golf. The feel of the satin box. The snap of the perfect carton. Pulling back the lid that contains 3 perfect pearls of the greatest product that has ever been invented and pouring one gently into my open palm. Already marked. Pristine. Ready to play. The feel of that glorious sphere in my hand as I gently place this man made treasure on my Titleist brand Tee. The look of the face of my glorious Titleist Driver next to this great gift from the Acushnet company glittering in the sun. It's as good as it gets. Everything that happens after that is downhill. Amen! #TeamTitleist
  11. JAM

    In 2017, if I teed up a new ball every round I would have had to have 53 new Titleist Pro V1 in play for the season. The Pro V1's are so good I play less than a dozen during the season.
  12. Tim Tiger

    New round, new ball.

  13. Jim K

    Usually whatever I fish out of the bag.
  14. N Anthony S

    A few years back I would have answered the poll with never. My game was such that I was guaranteed to lose the ball within a few holes. Now, I tee up a new ball usually whenever I play with others. If I am out on the course by myself, I may grab what's available. Of course they are always Pro V1x's with the number 12 in Red. They may just have a round or two on them.
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  15. Sam K

    I typically play the ball I left off with in the previous round. When a ball gets scuffed, I put it in a separate bag in my ball pocket, then a new ball comes out. I never leave them in the sleeves. I don't want to deal with crushed boxes or trash. However, vurich's description has me questioning everything I know about the teeing up "experience". haha. Love it.
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