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Thanks TT for the new Velocity

Jim K

Thanks guys for the surprise in my mailbox when I returned home from a long night of dealing with snow (though not as much as you guys in MA are getting!) Appreciate it. Now if I can just get some decent weather to give them a test drive.

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  1. DC

    Wow, really cool!
  2. Todd T

    Congrats, those will be easily spotted!
  3. augusto r

    Congrats, nice colors
  4. Gabriel G

    I don't have to wait for the weather down here in Texas. I can try them out tomorrow.
  5. Lance P

    Pink Velocity looks so very cool and I'd let my wife enjoy it while I'd hit the orange one which looks great also. Both would show up nicely this week-end on our snow-covered fairways!
  6. Andrew E

    Would love to try the colored Velocitys they look awesome.
  7. Kathy J

    Yes, pink is a nice color!
  8. Schultzie

    Congrats — hopefully you can dig out soon and get to play
  9. joe t

    I remember playing orange balls back in the late 80's early 90's.
    I think they would be cool to play today.
    I think I will get a Box of the Pink Velocity balls for my wife, I've been trying to get her to switch to Titleist for years. This may just do it!
  10. Steve S

    Congrats on your Velocity golf balls Jim K. What a great way to start off the New Year. Enjoy!
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  11. Ralph H

    Just got mine too Jim. Can’t wait to try them out! Like the orange line and double numbers. Good luck.
  12. Jim K

    Hooray; finally got a chance to test drive these new Velocity balls this past weekend. Felt like I hit them a bit straighter than the old model, but that could have been me having a better round?! Anyway, I can endorse the colors show up well in the rough and were easy for me to follow in flight, particularly the pink ball. Didn't lose any of them.

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