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Can't figure out what ball to go with.


The descriptions/benefits of the new line up of golf balls have become so complicated they are no longer informative. I wish someone in management at Titleist would read the descriptions of the golf balls on the website, copy the benefits of each onto a piece of paper and try to figure out what the differences between all of the balls are. It makes no sense to the normal golfer. I have been a big fan of Titleist but with this lineup, I have no idea which ball might be best for me.

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  1. Barry B

    Rather than stressing over the write-ups, buy a sleeve of one of the balls (or several of the balls) and try them out on the course to see how they perform for you. Another option is to try the ball that is, or has, replaced your current Titleist ball. The DT SOLO was replaced by the DT TruSoft, NXTs are being replaced by the Tour Soft, AVX is a new ball that will be close to the Pro Vs in performance (if it is released as more than a test market ball), Velocity has a new version coming out and the Pro Vs were updated last year.
  2. Dwayne N

    Good advice Barry
  3. Frank P

    Years ago when golf balls were of wound construction, I used to play the DT90 because it was more durable than the Tour 90 which cut and scuffed rather easily. Today, I use the PRO V-1 because you get the same performance and feel of the Tour 90 without the sidespin and durability issues. And believe me, I've had trial packs of the above mentioned balls but for me it's PRO V-1, period.
  4. Don O

    Agree with Barry. Your price tolerance will help you decide. A Pro-V will be a good choice for the serious player trying to get the most out of one’s game. After that you will be matching characteristics that can suit your game.
  5. Speedy

    What Barry said OR see if there's a ball fitting near your area.. I've never done one personally but it's something on my radar to do..
  6. Chuck Z

    Good advice. I went to a ball fitting years ago and needless to say, made a difference.
  7. Jason S

    I would look around for someone who offers ball fitting.
  8. CrazyGolfNut

    A few are saying to go to a ball fitting which I will do. The problem is they are geared towards the ProV balls. I have never had a pro suggest one of the others. Just wish they had a chart that compared the diff balls so you have an idea which one goes the highest, longest, lowest, etc. I just like charts.

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