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Ap2 Falling Apart

I was fit and purchased my 718 ap2s last November. Being from Michigan, I have only been able to play 3-4 rounds with them so far. I played last...

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Is anyone still using the 735CM's? I pulled mine out of my basement last fall to see how they performed compared to my...

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917 D2 and 917 F2

I recently purchased a 917 D2 driver and 917 F2 3W. After hitting 20 balls on the range, the club face had significant...

Golf Clubs

sm7 sound

Just received my SM7 wedges. The 60 degree has a different sound at impact than my 56 & 50. Is this normal

Golf Clubs

Lie Angle

Good morning...I love Titleist clubs, but I'm finding with the current lie angles, even with the max of 2* flat that...

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