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Golf Clubs

Driver models

Well, I thought I knew what models of 917 drivers there were But. Today was cruising Edwin watts website and ran across...

Golf Clubs

917 Fairway Wood

I am in the market for a 917 F2 fairway wood to complete my set but am unsure of which loft to get. I have a 21 degree H1...

Golf Clubs

Got my new clubs

My new driver, fairway wood and C16's have arrived. Sadly they are in Australia whilst I'm away for wrok until xmas....

Golf Clubs

New AP-3s in my bag

I finally sprung and retired my 762-DCIs and hit my new AP-3s on the course today. I am beyond impressed. They are long,...

Golf Clubs

Switching driver shafts

Does anyone know if the shaft and its adapter I'm using in my 910 driver can be used in the 917 model? Thanks.

Golf Clubs

My New 718 AP1s

I have had a lot of Titleist products over my 40 years of playing but I have to say the 718 AP1s are the best looking version...

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