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Joey L

This makes me happy...

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  1. J.R. F

    Very nice. Love the Tour Only cover.
  2. Jack H

    Nice looking bag!!
  3. Luke R

    Nice looking bag! Keeping the clubs warm by the fire...

    Looking good, I like the fire in the background.

    Looks like I will need one of those fires tonight or a Titleist winter cap. :)

    Winter will be here in North Dakota for a little longer. Supposed to get 9 inches of snow today. Yah!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Dale V

    Nice set. Ready for a big year. Enjoy!
  6. Rick D

    Winter here in Wisconsin, too, Josh. We got three WD pickups stuck in the snow trying to get out onto the lake ice fishing on Saturday. And like you, more snow in the forecast. A couple years ago we had a mid-march opener, which was highly unusual. Not a chance this year!
  7. vurich

    Glorious, Joey!
  8. Chris B

    Very sharp - well done
  9. Joey L

    Just updated my bag with SM7 46, 50,54 & 58 today. Now just anxiously waiting to go play..
  10. Steve R

    Good stiff, I agree with your style.
    Here is my 2018 setup.
    Fairways and greens,
    Post Image
  11. Joey L


    Your set-up is solid! I really like the TT personalized bag and head cover.
  12. Jim S

    Great looking setup.My yera to upgrade my bag,irons.and woods.

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