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Keith K

I have DCI 990's that I got many years ago. My swing has changed and so have I. They have very stiff shafts. Should I get refit or is it time for a new set?

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  1. Chuck Z

    Both. Definitely get a fitting and go from there. The new technology is unbelievable.
  2. Barry B

    To a certain extent...both. Find a Titleist Thursday event in your area and get fit for a new set of irons!
  3. Caleb H.

    I would probably recommend getting a new set! You are well over due! But I gotta say that is an awesome set!
  4. Don O

    You'll get an optimum increase/renewal with whole new clubs. They've improved the feel and forgiveness and if you're long past 45, you'll appreciate that. Find a professional certified in Titleist or a Titleist Thursday to find which iron suits your game today.
  5. pulplvr

    It is always a good idea to find a good fitter and have a fitting done. It's the best way to determine what you should be using with your current swing. I've changed my irons twice since I got my first Titlelist fitting and have significantly changed my set makeup. Somewhat surprisingly, I also changed from regular shafts back to stiff shafts based on the fitter's findings.
  6. Unsy

    Personally I would get refit, I am playing a set that is 8 years old and am scheduling my next fitting for some new sticks as soon as work slows down. Getting a new set at this point for you would be very beneficial from new consistent grooves in the new set proper shaft flex along with length and lie, not to mention new tacky grips. A new set from the 990s sounds like a no brainer to me and like I said I will be doing the exact same thing shortly!
  7. John O

    Depends how much you play. I believe the DCI 990s came out in 99. If you play enough to justify a new set, I would say it's time to upgrade.
  8. Kelly H

    It was time 10 years ago.... Those came out in 1999.... Even if you can't afford to purchase new clubs you can get a quality used set that will be light years ahead of those antiques...
  9. Carl T

  10. 19hole

    Get fitted for some new technology. The new clubs perform so much better.
  11. Mark B

    I finally put away my 990b's last year. I loved that set, but the new mixed set of 716 ap2's (4-5) and cb's (6-p) that I got fitted for at a Titleist Thursday and purchased last summer are amazing! I've easily picked up 5 yards per club and if I want to step on it 8-10 yards. Mishits are more than manageable and when you flush them they feel awesome!

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