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Nippon Shafts

Joseph M

I have been looking at three Nippon Shafts- the NS PRO 950GH, NS PRO 950 GH HT and the NS PRO 8950GH. The 950GH HT has been described as easier to launch than the 950 GH and was wondering if anyone has tried out both these shafts and their thought on these two shafts. l would like any comments on the 8950GH shaft and any comparison to the other two shafts- this one is the only one of these three available in a senior flex. Perhaps Titleist may also have comments on these shafts and any plans expand their current offering of the NS PRO 950GH with one of the other shafts. Thanks.

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  1. Don O

    You can check the online custom catalog for the available matrix. Nippon doesn't list the 8950 in the online catalog and a couple of after-market sites selling shafts had several lengths in A-flex listed as back-ordered. Since most of us buy Titleist equipment assembled, you might need to find a vendor like Cool Clubs that assemble Titleist heads with shafts outside the Titleist matrix for that information.
  2. Tony H

    I have tried the 950 GH and the 950 GH HT.
    I am currently using the latter. With a slow swing speed the shaft does get the ball airborne but the only downside is the light weight of the shafts themselves as it makes the clubs very light.
  3. Joseph M

    Don, thanks. I have a 718 AP1 7 iron assembled by Titleist which I will be testing this spring and am hoping for comments from someone that has tested/used this as well as one or both of the other shafts in case this one doesn't work out for me and thus may be interested in the 8950GH due to the available senior flex. I appreciate your comments including your responses to other posts.
  4. Don O

    This may not be helpful to you, I previously had the 716 AP1 with the 65 g Kuro Kage graphite in A-Flex. Similar to Tony H, what I found with the 718 AP1/AP3 when we tried a different direction was I did better with a heavier shaft. I got better launch and distance with the AMT-Red R300 (95g) than with the Tensi -Red (65 g) graphite in A or R flex. I'm 67 and not above average for speed for my age. Lesson for me, work with a good fitter and spend the time trying combinations you wouldn't want to consider - it's all about the result. Shaft flexes are not a standard so there is no empirical reason to expect that the 8950 A flex will work better than the R flex shafts Titleist lists. The only expectation is the A in the 8950 is softer than the R in the 8950 line. If the 8950 is still marketed.
  5. Joseph M

    Thanks for all comments- If the AP1 I will be testing this spring goes well I will have Titleist build a full, but, if it doesn't go well I will go get a Titleist fitting. I am 71 so I ordered the club softstepped to help as I lose swing speed- the installed 950Gh shaft is 95 grams i.e. same as the AMT-Red R300. I do find some fitters push the graphite shafts as we get older, but, I have tested several against steel shafts and steel always wins. its unfortunate that there are no standards when it comes to shaft stiffness, but, a good fitter I guess makes it a non-issue.

    I am being told the 8950 is mostly used by independent clubmakers and dealers and may not even be available to Titleist, but, Tony's experience with the 950GH HT is interesting and would be worth a look if the 950GH isn't for me.
  6. Tony H

    I had mine hard stepped just to make them a little bit stiffer and alter the flight (slightly lower) the chart below is from Nippon.
    Post Image

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