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Iron Lofts

Mark R

Will Titleist adjust lofts in a custom order to help blend sets together, for example AP1 long irons and AP3 mid and short irons?

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  1. Dale V

    Yes. Great thing about getting a proper fitting is the fitter will spell out the adjustments and your Titleist authorized dealer or club professional will order accordingly.
  2. B.A.

    Yes they will.
  3. 19hole

    They will. There isn't a full club difference between the AP1 and AP3 lofts, so I would suggest getting to a fitter. You may find that you don't really need to adjust them.
  4. RMclean

    Yeah mark they do
  5. Keith M

    I believe the answer is yes. While I just ordered a set of AP1s only, my fitter did order it with an adjusted loft. Don’t see why they wouldn’t for a blended set if asked.
  6. Roger K

    Exactly what they did for me, my AP3 7-G are bent 1 degree strong to match the lofts of my AP1 5 & 6.
  7. Edward K

    I'm sure they would, but the 3's are pretty strong. Go with the AP2's, the gaps line up well.....
  8. AntCatt

    Yes Titleist can adjust lofts of the clubs so you would just need to decide which irons you want to go for and see what the stock lofts are. My understanding is that they can bend a club head by 3degrees ie if you adjust the lie angle by 2degrees you can adjust the loft by 1 or if you want to adjust the lofts by 2 you could still adjust lie angle by 1degree. I would suggest getting a fitting and you can work out what works best for you
  9. MB

    Hi, I had the lofts on my 718 CB’s made one degree strong, it allowed my set to blend with my wedges and T-MB 5 iron.

    Pretty sure they can tweak your irons how you like them.
  10. Don O

    They will. +/- 2 degrees is well within the range.
    With my own experience, I don’t know that a mixed AP1/AP3 offers much advantage. The AP3 is pretty forgiving and high launching. If I can’t launch an AP3, I’d consider filling gaps with hybrids.
  11. RMclean

    Yeah they do

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