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New 2013 Titleist staff bag

gianmarco m

Hi to all, I would like to buy the new 2013 Titleist bag.

The two sizes are 9.5 and 10.5, which one is better in your opinion?

Which are the bag sizes that players use in the tour?


Thank you.


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  1. Trent W

    Get a 10.5. If you want a tour bag get the big one and while your at it have your name put on it too. 

    If you look and feel good you will play good. 

    Now go out and mix it up move it around and play it forward for more fun. 

  2. Bill L

    Unless you have a caddie to carry for you the 9.5 is probably the way to go. Anything larger is difficult to use on a cart.

  3. ToddL

    I have the 9.5 and love it.  The 10.5 is simply too big for me.  I find that the 9.5 has enough club space, and storage areas for me.

    Go with the 9.5 and you will be very happy!

  4. Joshua A

    I have last years mid size staff bag. It still offers all the look and feel of the large staff bag but is smaller, slightly easier to carry and fits well in a cart with another bag or in a walking cart. This years mid size staff bag actually has more storage than last years and feels lighter. The only thing I would ask is if there is a sling like strap similar to the carry bags that can be used with the staff bags.

  5. Mickey G

    My 9.5" mid size fits on a cart snuggly... Any larger would be tough. I love it.... has all the room you need for rain suit, snacks, water... perfect.

  6. David C

    I have the 9.5 and it fits my golf cart perfectly.  I don't know if you could get the bigger one to fit right.  My 9.5 is plenty big for my clubs as well.  Hope this helps!

  7. Steve H

    The 9.5 is perfect, holds all the clubs, and has my name and my support for TT....

  8. james o

    I have a 10.5 and a 9.5, my advice would be to go with the 9.5, they have plenty of space and fit on a cart easier if thats your thing.

  9. Samuel C

    That's a sweet bag!! How did you get the TT embroidered on it? Also where did you get your name put on it??

    I'm thinking of getting the 2013 staff bag and adding that TT with my bag tag would be sweet. 




  10. Chris S


    Titleist offers embroidery as an option when you order your bag. I think you need to have it ok'd to use the TT logo though? Not sure on that, hope someone will clarify this, I want to get this done also.

     Chris S

  11. 19hole

    I have a mid-size, a 9.5 and a 10.5 and I can tell you that the mid-size gets all of the use. It fits on a cart well and it is pretty easy to get around airports with. The 10.5 is just too big.

    I normally keep a sweater vest, rain pants, rain top and a towel or two in the main pocket without any problems.

    You can get you Titleist retailer to order you a bag with your name on it, but a word of caution...if you don't have the game having your name on the bag may not be the best decision you make.

  12. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Chris S


    Titleist offers embroidery as an option when you order your bag. I think you need to have it ok'd to use the TT logo though? Not sure on that, hope someone will clarify this, I want to get this done also.

     Chris S

    Hi Chris,

    Team Titleist members can request to have the TT logo embroidered on any new bag they order via our custom team. Keep in mind, the logo can only be applied to new bag orders and we are not able to add it to an existing bag. 

    I hope this helps clarify.



  13. memphisunited

    I have to agree with everyone about the mid size staff bag.  It fits perfectly in both a riding cart or when I'm using my push cart.

    Although I don't have my name on my bag, I say go for it if you want to embroider your name on a bag.  It's your bag.  I'm not one of those golfers that think you have to be scratch in order to put your name on your bag.  Life's too short.  If you like it, then do it.

    The only reason I wouldn't do it is because I'm an equipment junkie (also known by another name that might get my post deleted).  I like to sell and trade golf stuff, so adding my name to anything might be problematic. :)

  14. Carlo Angelo

    Hi Mike;

    How do you order thru the custom team? Can the customized bags be ordered at Golf Galaxy or GolfSmith? Or thru golf clubs (their respective Titleist reps)? Thanks.


  15. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Carlo,

    Any authorized Titleist golf shop can help you with a custom order. You'll just need to coordinate with them to go through the process. Thanks.

    - Mike

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