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vurich Club Champion

Just curious what everyone thinks. Do the clothes make the golfer, does the golfer make the clothes, or doesn't it matter?

I've found that when I take the time to color co-ordinate my outfit, from top to bottom, clean hat, shirt (sweater or pull-over or vest), shirt, belt, pants or shorts, socks and shoes, glove and clean towel, it makes a huge difference with my mental attitude.

When I look good in all my FJ, Titleist, Cameron and Vokey attire, (any combo of these), and everything is clean and pressed, I feel better.

When I feel better, I stand straighter and therefore, play better.

This is one thing I notice every time I go to a PGA Tour Event. I'm always impressed when the Pros look like pros. I love the look of top of the line golf attire. They walk and act differently than someone who just shows up at the first tee, sweating, like they just rolled out of bed late and pulled on some outfit from the dirty hamper.

Of course, the piece de resistance and proverbial cherry on top is starting off with a new Titleist golf ball right from the box. Keeping it clean and pure every hole.

How important is your physical appearance/attire in relation to your attitude, golf experience and/or score?

Thanks! #TeamTitleist

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  1. Joseph M

    I agree with you I was raised from day one that you dress to respect the game. I feel like when I take the time out to dress right and look good on the course I play a lot better as well. Having the mindset "look good, feel good, play good" I think it would help a lot of players
  2. Jerry M

    I am with you vurich. I always try to dress appropriately. Slacks and nice golf shirt and color coordination is important to me. I may not always play that great but i at least want to respect the game. My Titleist clubs and gear certainly lend to that notion.
  3. Steve S

    Got to agree with you on this for the most part. But their are days when some of us head out after work to play nine. No time for a wardrobe check. Grab your club's out of the truck and your shoes and meet me on the tee. Those days can be just as much fun as spending all morning getting ready. But I love the weekend morning ritual as well. Great post!
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  4. Rex F

    I agree 100 percent
  5. Chris R

    I totally agree with you. As stated above when I take the time to dress well I do have more confidence in my abilities.
  6. Dale V

    I have always liked the formal aspect of golf. I can't even walk over to our driving range for a couple of hours of casual practice without putting on a decent golf outfit. Doing this for 30+ years has just made it second nature.
  7. Chris G

    My father was my golf coach when I was a kid in the early 70's. He always told me ... "look sharp, play sharp". I live by that still today 40+ yrs later.
  8. Kathy J

    Dress sharp is the way to go. Over dress is always better than being under dressed!
  9. Barry S

    I have to agree with most who have so far commented. I also dress to hit balls at the range as if I was going out to play 18, and whatever I am wearing has to be properly pressed.
  10. Lance P

    I'll take the other side...never judge a book by it's cover and in my travels good golfers come in all styles of clothes and all types of equipment. Not all talented players are color-matched and looking sharp.
    Just do you; if you like to look good then do but please remember clothes do not make the man (or woman)!
  11. Doug E

    I agree as well. And, I would bet most serious Titleist players feel this way. I would also lay money on the fact that the percentage of other brand players who feel this way is less than the percentage of Titleist players who feel this way. It's a mindset. It's a respect for the game. It's a tradition. And tradition is a big reason I and, I would guess, many of you were drawn to Titleist in the first place.

    Tuck your shirt in and take off your hat when you shake hands on 18. Don't dress like you're going fishing. Or like a slob in general. A little class for a classic game. Respect the game and its history. Is that asking too much?
  12. ScottyC50

    Got to agree...I myself think I play better when I match. I feel as close to a pro as you can be. I always wonder what logos I would want/what my agent might get me on my polos. Having said that, when you play all public courses like I do, and play sometimes last minute, it is what it is as far as attire if you want to get a quick 9 in. If I have time, l always match and am on point, but I'm not going to turn down golf just to adjust my wardrobe...
  13. pulplvr

    Lance, I agree. Too many times have I shown up at a course and been paired with someone who just doesn't look like a golfer. That person, more often than not, surprises me with the quality of their play. Many folks just cannot afford to have color-coordinated outfits.
  14. Kenneth C

    My scores relate more to my attitude, than, how I am dressed. If how you are dressed gives you confidence, and a better attitude, then go for it.
  15. Chuck Z

    I agree but it does not make a better golfer. You should always look your best. Beware of those wearing sloppy shirts, baggy shorts and tennis shoes on public courses looking for a game. Wolves in sheep skins. I was a career coach and did workshops/seminars for 17 years and you can judge a book by it's cover. You should take pride in yourself and what your represent. Bobby Jones is a great example, the love of the game. GOAT. With respect to all opinions.
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