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By T Plummer

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  1. T Plummer

    T Plummer
    Sunbury VIC

    Dear Titleist Ball R&D,

    STOP IT! Had the privilege of putting the New ProV1 on the tee today.

    ..... Let me start off by updating you on the conditions, • 39° • wildest, windy hot northerly conditions EVER! • lethargic after a sleepless night

    I could not believe how the ball performed. The most impressive part was the way it pierced the wind, sometimes to my detriment after aiming to factor the galeforce winds blowing left and right. I admit the distances were increased given the hot conditions allowing the ball to carry further with less resistance. The short game was a little inconsistent. But overall I was truly impressed.

    Titleist, well done again!

  2. Mark A

    Mark A
    Bayswater, VIC

    Great evaluation Tate.
    I too have been caught out by how well the new ProV1 pierces through the wind. I play at Cape Schanck now and there’s always wind to factor into shots. The most tricky are those into the breeze and over intimidating green side bunkers. I have to fight the urge to take more club than usual as the ProV1 just gets the job done.
  3. T Plummer

    T Plummer
    Sunbury VIC

    Youre a good man Mark.
    After your recent reply (on another social stream) and while signing in for a recent round at the Amazing Port Fairy Golf Links, I was dared by a sleeve of the Pro V1x starting at me.
    ..... How could I resist?!!!
    The Result; I'm genuinely torn!

    Both have great characteristics but the V1x came out slightly ahead because if the improved softer feel.

    Naturally a preference is personal, but in my humble opinion - you couldn't go wrong with either!

    Again, well done Titleist!

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