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By Evan S

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  1. I'm a 2 handicapper and was wondering what is the best ball for the most spin ?

  2. Hi Evan,

    Pro V1 and Pro V1x provide the most spin on shots into and around the green for maximum scoring performance. Between those two, Pro V1 provides the most spin on full shots.
  3. Bob T

    Bob T
    East Otis, MA

    I agree with the Prov1 and Pro V1x for getting the most spin as mentioned. Try them both out and find out for yourself the one you prefer. For myself I like the Pro V1 as my preference!!!
  4. Chris G

    Chris G
    Draper, UT

    I am a target golfer so I select either ProV1 or ProV1x based on the condition of the greens for that day or even time of day. I live in the high desert so time of day is important. Since we are not supposed to change balls during a round, I try to make this decision on the practice chipping green before my round. The ProV1x is longer off the tee for me but if the greens are hard and dry, they don't bite as well as the ProV1 will.

    Dry hard greens = ProV1 (more spin)
    Soft supple greens = ProV1x (less spin)

    This system seems to work best for my game. Your mileage may vary. (YMMV)
  5. Robert S

    Robert S
    Clinton, NY

    Unless a tournament committee explicitly adopts the one ball rule, you are allowed to change models and brands of ball between holes during a round.
  6. Clinton M

    Clinton M
    lilburn, GA

    pro v1
  7. Pro v1
  8. Prov1 and prov1x will give you the best control on the greens

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