2016 NXT Tour and Tour S

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By james o

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  1. james o

    james o
    Crystal Lake, IL

    Driver distance, whats the difference between long and longer Is it a percentage ?

  2. Gary D

    Gary D
    Cranston, RI

    Its about 6 inches
  3. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    NXT Tour and NXT Tour-S have similar profiles to Pro-V1x and Pro-V1. Higher launch with the Tour and the lower angle of descent with the Tour-S will affect driver distance. I'm 5-8 yards longer with the Tour and generally a tighter pattern.
  4. Gilbert R

    Gilbert R
    Humble, TX

    For me I found an NXT Tour-S a while back and put it in play but it was WAY too soft for me so I stuck with my E6. However, I found the NXT Tour on sale one day so picked up 2dz and I have to say...since putting it in play I am hooked. Now of course this is all based on personal preference but I have always been able to tell when I am playing a 3-piece ball as opposed to a 2-piece. That and I am very particular about how the ball feels coming off the face of my putter. That's where I start my judgement of a golf ball first and foremost. Due largely in part to the fact that putting is the one aspect of my game that I think I rather excel at. However, I would say that both balls will perform the same as far as distance, just a preference of feel.

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