Thursday visit @ Iron Horse in Overland Park, Ks.

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By George M

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  1. George M

    George M
    Overland Park, KS

    I hope I'm posting this in the right place on the Titleist website. . On May 26th I visited the Titleist reps at the Iron Horse golf course practice range and talked about golf balls. I explained to them that I had recently received a sleeve of the new NXT Tour golf balls along with a note from Titleist thanking me for participating in their golf ball testing process. I also told them my current preference was for the NXT Tour S because it felt and sounded a bit softer to me. The rep asked me if I had tried the Pro V1 and I said yes - I nad played a few holes with one I found, but didn't care as much for it. He then described the various benefits of each ball, and asked if I wouldn't like a more consistent performance. I answered that my game is so erratic and imprecise that I doubt I could tell any differences other than from sound and feel. He handed me a 2-ball sleeve of Pro V1, Tour S and TrueSoft, and asked me to give them each a try and let him know my results. I said I would do that. . On Thursday, June 2nd I returned to Iron Horse to share my results, and the golf ball reps were not there. I told your club rep (Jason?) why I stopped by, and he asked me to post my findings on the Titleist website. Here I am. . I quickly decided the DT Truesoft will not work for me, With the putter and ship shots It feels too soft and the dull sound doesn't give me suitable feedback. Longer pitch shots felt and sounded no better, so I was not optimistic for different results on the course. . My reaction to the Pro V1 on the putting green was not as dramatic nor emphatic. It did/does feel harder with a crisp "click" as I was putting and chipping. Both reminded me of the early NXT balls, but I could be comfortable using the Pro V1 on the greens. . Because I have been playing the Tour S, I wasn't surprised at the sound or feel on the putting green. I like this ball, and it compares favorably in sound, feel and performance to a srxn ball I also use. . Although your rep did not include one of the new NXT tour balls, since I just received the "thank-you" sleeve in the mail, I thought I'd include it in my review. It is very close in sound and feel to the Tour S, and perhaps slightly softer than the earlier NXT Tour balls. I would be comfortable with the new NXT Tour, but still prefer the Tour S. . . The round of golf used for this report was from tees that played just under 6400 yards. I hit 6 greens in regulation, most of my misses were short, and my drives ranged from 202 to 234 yards. There was no appreciable difference in distance or spin on shots to the green, no matter which ball I was hitting. . Sure enough, my thoughts were confirmed about the TrueSoft. The ball does not feel as soft on full swings as when putting, but enough so that I wasn't sure of my contact, and the dull thud sound gave me no better indication. I did notice that this ball seemed to bounce the highest when it landed on the green or fringe. . Full swings with the Pro V1 didn't feel much harder than Tour S, and that click I heard on the putting green wasn't as distinct with full swings. The combination of sound and feel still seemed more harsh, but not uncomfortably so. . For me, the Tour S and the new NXT Tour sound and felt very similar on full shots, and I wa quite comfortable with either one. The earlier NXT Tour balls sounded closer to the Pro V1 sound, but this new NXT tour is more like the Tour S to me. SUMMARY: I did not like the DT TrueSoft, and in fact, I gave the one remaining unused TrueSoft ball to the club rep. I told him maybe he could find someone else that prefers that ball. . I suppose I could learn to like the Pro V1, but I doubt it. My game is no longer at a level where the performance differences between the Pro V1 and the NXT Tour or Tour S would be worth the difference in price. When I was younger playing to a single-digit handicap, I could appreciate and benefit from the balata balls - but that is no longer true. . My preference is still the NXT Tour S with the new NXT Tour in a very close second place. . Thank you for giving me another chance to try your golf ball offerings. I appreciate the opportunity and try to do my best to give you a fair and complete evaluation.

    Respectfully, George Myers Overland Park, Ks.

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    It's great that you have found your ball. I'm never going to get a ball to spin backwards, but I found Pro-V1/-V1x will hold a green better than the other Titleist balls especially when the shot is not a real steep landing. Still comes down to whichever ball does what you want it to. That's the best ball.

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