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By JMuller

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  1. Hello,

    So I am a 0 HC and my driver swing speed when warmed floats around 115, give or take. I have played Pro V1 for a few years as well as cally ChromeSoft. I love how soft they are around the greens, and I love that I can spin it with confidence and that it'll turn out the same way. However, I've heard for some time that ProV1x would be a better suit for my swing speed, but it may just be me or something but I can't control it like it do with regular ProV1. What is your guy's recommendation: stay with regular ProV1 and Chrome Soft, or switch to ProV1x. Which would be good for my game or swing speed?


  2. Hi Jmuller,

    Thanks for the post! On the swing speed front, keep in mind that you have many different swing speeds throughout the bag that you use to execute the vast array of shots required in every round. To that end, the golf ball must perform with every club, at every speed, on every shot. So, I wouldn't focus solely on your driver swing speed when fitting a ball to your game.

    You'll want to look at total performance from green-to-tee and then play with the ball that helps you shoot your lowest scores. Your best bet is to compare the different models side-by-side on the course, hitting different types of shots, and then determining which model works best for you.

    Once you find the ball that works best for you, stick with that model. Switching between models from round to round changes every shot in your bag. Playing the same model golf ball on every shot of every round eliminates performance variation, builds confidence and consistency, and ultimately results in you shooting lower scores.

    Hope this helps!

    - Mike
  3. 19hole

    Woburn, MA

    Mike has given you some great advice. You could also look for a Titleist Ball Fitting event in your area and have the pros help you find the right ball.
  4. Golfgeek77

    Midwest USA

    Do you think there's a big difference between the prov1 and prov1x I can't tell. I just started playing Nxt seems like the case is a little harder my sm6 60 was reaping the case off the provs
  5. MMazza

    Lexington, SC

    I prefer the ProV1s, too. They're softer. The first time I hit a ProV1x I thought I had accidentally used a rock.
  6. Titleist_AU_Fan

    Warsaw, IN

    Couldn't agree more with Mike. In regards to feel, newest ProV1x is very "soft," but I also prefer the ProV1.

    The swing speed argument is very overrated. Test a few balls, then stick to one. Good luck!
  7. Darron K

    Darron K
    Fate, TX

    I need to play around with Pro V1 a little more. I normally play Pro V1x. Yesterday I was practicing at a nice little 9 hole by my place and played 2 rounds. I found a Pro V1 that was in excellent condition on the 6th hole of my first round. I just picked it up and put it in my bag and finished the round. On the second round I thought I would give it a shot since I haven't tried them in a long time. On the 4th hole which is a par 4 my drive went about the same distance and landing pretty much in the same spot as the first round. My second shot I hit the same club and shot as my first round. A knockdown 9 with a stiff wind (15-20 mph) behind me. The first round my ball hit once, landed and rolled out a little. The second round the ball hit once and stopped when it landed, granted I may have thought I hit the same shot but didn't exactly. I made birdie on both. Both balls felt great off the tee. Both balls felt great no matter what kind of shot I hit/putt. I feel the Pro V1 did stop sooner and was more reactive to the shots I was hitting. Don't get me wrong, the Pro V1x is a great ball but I may be switching to get more ball control.
  8. hilmi s

    hilmi s
    Corby, England

    swing speed is massively overrated when coming to pick a ball. 70% of your shots are from 120-80 yards in including putting. I can go as far as saying 40% of all your shots per round are a putt. so find a ball that you like the feel of on the putting green, then take that ball out and compare it to your second choice ball from 50 yards in then 80 yards then 120 yards and so on. mark your finding on paper compare which works best for you. once u find the ball you play best with learn how to hit that ball off the tee well. Drive for show chip pitch and putt for doe.
  9. Gilbert R

    Gilbert R
    Humble, TX

    I am in somewhat of the same dilemma. I was given a box of V1 for my graduation and have been playing them well. however, from the information I've gathered I should be in a V1x. I'll give advice as to what I am going to try so you can take it with a grain of salt. I am going to buy a box of both and have a family member put a line through the models and then mix and test at random then draw a conclusion from that.
  10. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Play the ball that you have the most confidence in using. With each new release every other year, you can try a sleeve of each to make sure which one you prefer. But eventually you need to trust what the ball will do. I've tried other balls looking for a yellow ball "just like a Pro-V" but am still looking. Haven't developed that faith that they perform like one.
  11. Edward K

    Edward K
    Wesley Chapel, FL

    Personally, I find the two so different I refuse to use anything other than the X. To me they are like night and day......

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