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By TWilson

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  1. TWilson


    Hey Team,

    Just a quick question to see if there is a suggestion without being able to make it to an actual event. My swing speed is 95-98, and my handicap is 15-18 depending on the day. I am currently playing Titleist AP1 irons that are stock. Any suggestion on what ball I should be playing?

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Club head speed is not a primary factor. Urethane covered/Pro-Vs will perform best around greens and do well off of driver. You can decide if a more penetrating drive/softer feel (Pro-V1) or a little higher ball flight (Pro-V1x) suits you more. Going with NXT Tour or Velocity would be a value judgement for you. They are good balls, have a lower purchase price, but you may find a trade-off in performance. Even with a driver speed under 90, I can't get a ball to back up with spin, but I hold greens better with a Pro-V1x.
  3. If price isn't a factor then the V1 or V1x really are the best balls. Deciding between the two comes down to feel. I tested both the V1 and V1x on the course and I think they both play very similarly, but with subtle differences. The V1x has a higher ball flight and a firmer feel than the V1, which I prefer. Your swing type - steep or sweep - and your preference for how the ball feels to you - firm or soft - are probably the most important factors. Get a sleeve of each and go test them out. You can't go wrong with either ball.
  4. Wade W

    Wade W
    Roanoke, VA

    NXT Tour sounds like a terrific fit for you.

    Just depends on your preferences around the green, really.


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